April 21, 2024
Best Gun Cleaning Solvents

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Are you a shooter or hunter? If yes, then you must keep your rifle shined so as to fire more efficiently and increase life span plus accuracy. So, this article is all about how one can take care of their gun. It also provides advice on the best gun cleaner.

The gun cleaning kit doesn’t include any gun cleaning solvent, so you are required to purchase it separately. It becomes more important if the gun or rifle you use is near to your heart.

When you need quick clean you need to have important factors in your mind. How you will determine which gun cleaner lubricant is best for your gun? Read more.

What is a gun cleaning solvent?

A staple product that all gun owners must have in their bag is gun cleaning solvent. The first and foremost job of cleaning solvent is to penetrate attack as well as dissolve fouling building inside your gun.

Now, picking the right sort of solvent can be slightly tricky. There are thousands of products to choose from currently available in the market. However, the only difference is the job they do.

Starting form aerosol spray too thick reliable liquid gun solvent, you will get everything in the online store. Every solvent act as well as work in a similar manner, but the aerosol cleaner offer a much efficient job.

The old solvent that you used earlier include ammonia however today the cleaner is made pleasant-smelling and eco-friendly that means they are much safer in well-ventilated areas. It will not only soak patches but also mop the bore. The most important job it does it removing fouling and debris.

There are 3 types of contaminants that got left behind are copper, carbon, and lead after you fired from a gun. So, you need to purchase a cleaner that would penetrate all the above three.

The second solvent type one can come across is foaming solvent. They are usually available as aerosol however companies started putting it into pump bottles. The pump dispenses oil than oil cleaner at thinner viscosity and allows it to penetrate under moving parts like firing mechanism and rail. They can be foamed up so that they can attack debris in the bore. If you carry an old firearm, they this is really helpful. Your guns have stuck fouling inside the bore. You can use the pump so as to fill the bore and allow it to soak before it removes the debris.

An aerosol whose viscosity is thin just like water can be used to attack stubborn debris.

Oil gun

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Different from the solvent, oil can be used so as to clean your gun. It offers “protection” after cleaning and stripping away things which can harm your firearm.

After shooting session, the firing residue left behind on your weapon and a greasy layer of dust is formed over it. It is good to apply a layer of oil so as to offer a protective barrier and stop contamination to set on the firearm.

Another huge benefit of picking cleansing oil is that it will penetrate down the pores of metal when it comes to removing dirt that solvent can’t do. A well-oiled firearm disperses heat evenly and it will increase FPS and accuracy. A quality gun oil not only increases accuracy, lifetime, operation of weapon but also FPS.

CLP cleaner

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The CLP cleaner stands for Clean-Lubricate-Protect. CLP is a time efficient and modern way of cleaning a firearm. Earlier they used to be considered as nasty and bit cheap however it is no so.

The formula used in clean-lubricate-protect cleaner has a long way and this is what made it more reliable and efficient when it comes to remove fouling and lubricate weapon. Some experts recommend it for deep clean. The CLP spray offers a minimal fuss or downtime.

It won’t cause any damage if you use CLP cleaner.

What factors are important to look up?

When you get ahead to buy the best gun cleaning solvents, you must keep these factors in mind.

Performance- The only job of the best quality gun cleaning solvent is removing as well as cleaning out fouling. The solvent must be softening hard, able to lift residue and wipe out leads, salt residues, and dust.

Protect- some type of cleaner can eat away metal firearm so it is essential to buy a cleaner that is not destructive. It must be anti-corrosive cleaning solvent.

Safety- in the market, the most gun solvent isn’t safe. They usually include ingredients that can harm the health of your gun. So, make sure you buy a non-toxic as well as anti-flammable solvent. It is much safer.

Applicationtraditional gun cleaner is big oil opaque that need to be poured, injected and then cleaned. It’s messy, so make sure you buy a convenient bottle with thin tip applicator, nozzle, and spray. It makes the cleaning process easier.


Lightweight, compact and portable

CLP, multipurpose

Clean fast

Convenient spray bottle






If you are willing to put your buck, then the quality and performance of the gun cleaning solvent must be appropriate. It must clean up the lead, copper fouling, and carbon fouling. Apart from all these, it must offer the above pros and do the job quickly. An odorless, non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable gun cleaner is best. It should not eat up the metal and offer flimsy spray pump.


This is all you need to know about the gun cleaning solvents. The solvent is a great investment if you love your gun the most. Don’t use primitive and traditional cleaning methods as it can harm your gun and do no good.

You need to follow up this guide and dive right into the online shops. However, always read the reviews that give you an idea of how well product is it. This is pretty efficient, easy and affordable. The gun can thus get clean.

It is advised to wear goggles to avoid accidents. Use rubber gloves so that it doesn’t cause any irritation on your skin.