March 22, 2023

Follow The Bone Deer Cutting DVD from Review

Article Written By: Tim Collins

Welcome everyone, this product review is for the Follow the bone deer cutting DVD brought to us from our friends at

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 The Follow the bone deer cutting DVD not only covers how to process your deer by yourself, but also explains how to field dress, skin and remove the antlers. They explain very well how to maximize the meat from your deer as well as detailing the various types of cuts you can hope to obtain.

deer cutting

 As educational as the Follow the bone deer cutting DVD is, it’s mostly suited for the newcomer and inexperienced individuals. It would make an excellent training tool in educating them on what to expect before the actual hands-on experience in the field. As always, the experienced person has their own special use of the meat they receive from venison. Using the Follow the bone deer cutting DVD as a training tool will provide a solid basis for removing the meat from the bone for the newcomer and will ensure that the maximum amount of meat can be used for their own special use of the cuts.

deer cutting

 The Follow the bone deer cutting DVD is under an hour long and moves along through the chapters rather quickly making it easy to watch. I recommend this video to be used as a training tool to help teach newcomers how to maximize the use of their trophy they harvest and gain a sense of ownership towards their newfound sport. Teaching them all aspects of hunting, not just shooting the animal, will help to make them better stewards of the great outdoors.

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