June 23, 2024
Fishing Lures

For those who do not know what fishing lure is, it is a type of artificial fishing bait used to attract fish. Several fishers use vibration movement, flash, and color in inducing fish to bite the hook. Often, a lure has more than one hook attached to it. They make it in a variety of colors and sizes for attraction. Sometimes fishers leave their bait anywhere. Thus, some manufacturers even developed a lure made of biodegradable materials to avoid harming the environment.

Nowadays, using a fishing lure is the most common alternative to bait since it can be used in both fresh and saltwater. If you are interested in these, here are some things that you should know about fishing lures.

Pros and Cons of Using Fishing Lures


– Lures enable you to throw further than using live bait

– Using lures are less untidy

– You can change it from one to another easily


– It is more costly

– You have to move it continues to attract fish

– It can get hooked on an underwater object.

Choosing the Right Kind of Lure

The appropriate fishing lure works for the type of fish and the water you like to catch. Each kind of fish does have various food preferences that further means that you’ll likely to switch your bait with each of them. An example of this is when choosing king salmon lures, it should have a color that shows in the deepest part of the ocean, like ultraviolet colors. Unlike us, salmons can see UV colors below the sea. Ensure that you should obtain those kinds of knowledge for you to catch fish successfully before you fish.

Variety of Lures

  1. Jig – are versatile to attract classes of fish. It has a lead sinker with a hook molded into it. Jigs has a jerking motion that attracts the fishes
  2. Spinners- this is much easier to use and has a metal shaped blade fastened to the lure wire. The blade spins, producing a flash and vibration that imitate the fishes.
  3. Plugs – also called crankbait or wobblers. It has a hard-bodied fishing lure. It is generally made out of wood or foam with thin metal or plastic in front.
  4. Spoon – used for sport fishing. An oblong indented lure made of metal or shell. It reflects light, and with it, unrestricted movement lures the fishes.
  5. Soft plastic bait – resembles worms, catfish, and sometimes leeches. It is best enticing to fish for the material used feels like jelly. Looking like a gummy bear. These are a great beginner lure.  Get a good hook kit and easily swap plastics.
  6. Flies – usually used in the sport of fly fishing. It imitates the fish’s natural food.

In the end, while the concept of bait can be confusing, remember that even if we meticulously choose the most expensive and exotic lures in the world, it is about your fishing technique, and as well as your bait action will make you catch a big fish. So make sure to have a background about fishing before you go with your fishing rod and lure.