June 18, 2024
Gear for Airsoft

Whether you’re already an airsoft fan, or simply looking at getting into the sport, gear is a big part of your enjoyment. Airsoft is a great way to bond with the family outdoors if you’re not down to hunt or fish together, and everyone should try it at least once. Here are some top tips to make sure you get the most out of your matches every time.

How is this sport different from paintball?

Instead of paintballs, airsoft uses pellets to simulate a more realistic military experience. The two sports are fairly similar at first glance but there’s a pleasing realism to airsoft that many find missing in paintball. It’s a great way to have some outdoor time that challenges the brain and body both while encouraging teamwork and friendship.

Airsoft gear to consider

One of the biggest draws of airsoft is how realistic the scenarios can get. You’ll need to carefully stock up on gear, weapons, and other accessories to fully enjoy the experience. While you can typically rent equipment for your first experience, you’ll soon learn the benefits of having your own gear on hand, and if you’re going to play the sport again, it’s worth investing in quality gear.


The realistic guns (and gun modification) are one of the major appeals of airsoft. However, they’re not without their own dangers, and participants should always play airsoft safely. With that out the way, how do you choose your gear? Aim for one main firearm you will enjoy (like this airsoft sniper) and a sidearm for in-case. Consider the power source, velocity, and range that best suits your play-style and typical scenarios. Typically guns are made from plastic, but you will find full metal alternatives too if that floats your boat better.

Airsoft accessories

There’s a huge range of airsoft accessories to make the experience more comfortable and realistic. From gas canisters and holsters, slings and scopes, to HPA systems and external or internal gun mods, you’ve got a lot to play with. We suggest you start simple if you’re new to the sport. There’s always time to buy another accessory if you find that you need one.


Your airsoft clothing is almost as important as the gun you choose, so spend some time finding the right match for your playstyle and preferred scenarios. We have some tips on finding the right tactical gear for the job that can apply to airsoft. Not only should it be comfortable, but you’re also going to want to invest a little into durability so you’re not constantly replacing key items in your kit.

Protective gear

Just like the right clothing, protective gear is a must, and you’re going to want to invest heavily into it, too. Safety pads, tactical gloves, helmets, barrel-blockers, and face masks are all key aspects of any airsoft kit. Take the time to make sure they’re high-quality and fit properly to get the most out of them.Additional gear

Your most important additional gear is going to be your ammo. There are many options here, and a lot will come down to personal preference, but it’s always good to consider biodegradable options in case you can’t retrieve the spent bullets later. There are several other choices available to you, including patches, ghillie suits, hydration, and feeding packs, kill rages, and bags, so you’ll be able to customize your airsoft experience fully.

Setting yourself up properly isn’t just a key aspect of airsoft safety, but a major part of the fun too. Don’t be afraid to enjoy choosing your gear for this fun outdoor sport.