April 25, 2024

Hunting is all about timing and accuracy. To have good timing and accuracy in the hunting sport, there are several important gears you need. You can check out this post if you want to know what those essential hunting gears are. In order to get both these features, you need a riflescope that would help you with the accurate aiming point through different levels of magnification. Many hunters bear the notion that an expensive rifle can make their day without stressing upon the importance of good riflescopes. However, in reality, a hunter can also shoot his target with the help of a mediocre gun having a high-quality riflescope. Thus, the success of your hunting expedition is largely dependent on the kind of riflescope you are using. There are several high-quality hunting scopes that are available in the market. Amongst these, the Nightforce riflescopes are leading the pack due to their superior quality.

Importance of  Riflescopes РA Brief Explanation with Example

Let us say that we are dealing with a 5-12×42 hunting scope. So, you can see the image of your target 5 to 12 times larger than it appears through the naked eye. This kind of scope is generally known as variable scope because the magnification range varies from 5 times to 12 times of the original site. Apart from variable ones, there are fixed scopes too. Here, you cannot change the magnification of the object you are targeting.

Tips for Buying Riflescopes

While buying a riflescope you should keep the following 5 things in mind:

a) Adjustment

b) Eye Relief

c) Exit Pupil

d) Mounting

e) Reticles

You should keep these aspects in mind while buying the scope. It should also be ensured that the scope adjusts perfectly with the rifle so that you can hunt down the beast easily.

Types of Riflescopes

Hunting scopes differ as per their use. Some of the categories are mentioned below:

1. Night Vision Scopes

2. Illuminated Scopes

3. Varmint Scopes

4. Laser Scopes

5. Sniper Scopes

6. Tactical Scopes

7. Thermal Scopes

Which Scope do you Need?

Depending on the kind of target you are planning to shoot you can choose a riflescope.

Suppose, you want to shoot an object that is within 100 yards or 91.4 meters. Here, you will not need a high-power rifle scope. If you buy a scope of 7x or 8x magnification, it will be a waste of money. However, you will need a 12x magnification riflescope if you want to hunt down your target which is situated more than 200 yards or 182.9 meters from your position.

If you are hunting in dense woods, you will not need a powerful scope. However, in case of open plain, you may need high magnification scopes if the target is at a considerable distance from you.

Do you prefer night time hunting? If yes, you surely need a special night vision scope consisting of an infrared illuminator.

While buying your hunting scope you should keep your hunting requirements in mind so that you do not waste your money unnecessarily.

Various Brands of Riflescopes

There are various brands available in the market. The top quality hunting scopes pass through stringent tests before these are shipped. They are reliable and suitable for being used in the outdoors and under rigorous weather. One of the best-known brands is Nightforce. Though a little expensive but these Nightforce scopes are well known for their optimum performance.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your preferred hunting scope now and hunt that beast down!