June 15, 2024
clean camping gear
clean camping gear

Yay! It’s the spring season, take the camping gear and clean it up so that it can be ready for your following year’s camping adventures. When you have not done the spring cleaning tasks so far, take the good opportunity to check the gear for tear and wear, mildew or mold, grime, and dirt or the signs of spoil that need repairs. It’s just as important as finding new RVs for sale.

Why Must You Carry Out The Spring Cleaning Tasks?

If you undertake the spring cleaning tasks, it is possible for you to utilize the camping gear for many years. When your gear gets damaged, don’t think that you have to replace the equipment, there are lots of professionals who repair it or you can do the repair work on your own so that it can get a new life. On every camping period or just ahead of your trip have a check on your equipment.

Spring Cleaning Checklist:

· Cookstove: Take the burners and check whether they remain free from blockage and also be sure that the fittings remain tight. Also, see to that whether there is a need for you to refill the fuel.

· Coolers: Have a check on the mildew, rancid smell or mold. In the same way as your cookstoves, check the coolers thoroughly before storing them for your next camp. Mild detergent or small bleach with chlorine can do this job well.

· First aid equipment: Remove any medicines that are outdated and see whether any item is needed to be refilled.

· Lanterns: See whether the mantels are needed to be reinstated and be clear whether the relief valve of your apparatus is not blocked. Also, verify the fuel supplies in the lantern.

· Sleeping bags: Check the bags for smells and see whether the zippers have a smooth operation, also verify the drawstring of the hood, plus see whether there are any rips, tears, or holes if there is any correct it.

· Sleeping pads: Have a check for the leaks of the inflatable pads.

· Stuff sacks: With mild soap wash your stuff sacks and dry it completely.

· Tents: Just ahead of using the tent, see to that whether there are any tears and rips on the floor and walls also check the poles and zippers.

· Other gear: Take the spring cleaning checklist and see for other items which are to be cleaned. Take them and check it.

If you find any damage either repair it by yourself or hand it over to the professionals. It depends on your skill and ability.