May 17, 2024
Attach A Cam camera mount package


Attach A Cam camera mount

Article Written By: Tim Collins.  Good afternoon everyone, today’s product review is for the Attachacam camera mount. The Attachacam camera mount is a solid camera mount designed to withstand the rugged outdoors experiences we all love. The Attachacam camera mount has an anodized aluminum shell and stainless steel parts making it prohibitive to rust and keeping your camera rock solid in place. The Attachacam camera mount comes with a ¼” thumb screw for attaching your camera, so you need to make sure your camera has the female threads for it or you will need to purchase the attachment. FYI, if you have a GoPro of any kind, you will need the attachment. Each Attachacam camera mount also comes with a strip of felt to use in the C-vise so your equipment does not get scratched. The Attachacam camera mount is featured for use on rifles, shotguns, paintball guns and bows. However, the C-vise will fit any round tube from ¾” to 1” diameter so the possibilities can be endless for you with a little imagination. For example, I have a tree-stand with an armrest and I may see if the Attachacam camera mount will secure solidly to the rest for bow hunting. Mountain biking, hiking, boating and even 4-wheeling are some other examples of uses, just make sure you have the right camera for the use you desire.

For your guns and rifles, the Attachacam camera mount is designed to put on your barrel or they also suggest you scope. Now it may be me, but I don’t know if I want to attach a camera mount on my scope. We spend a lot of time and money sighting in our scopes and we protect them from getting bumped so the thought of attaching something to the scope seems contradictory to me. On the Attachacam website they have videos showing how well the Attachacam camera mount holds the camera for a more clear image and they have it on scopes so you be the judge for yourself.

I mounted the Attachacam camera mount to my single shot 12 gauge shotgun and, as you see, I thought the mount was going to be in the way of drawing a bead on my game. However, the way I mounted it on the side allowed for a machined hole in the mount to line up perfectly with the bead and actually act as a peep sight. As you can also see, the camera would not mount secure so I had to add another washer to the thumb screw.

Attach A Cam camera mount used on shotgun


Next I secured the Attachacam camera mount on my rifle. Again, I thought the camera mount was going to interfere with my scope, but turns out I could still see through my scope. Even if it did interfere with seeing through my scope, the versatility of mounting options would allow me to secure the mount in a different position.

Attach A Cam camera mount on rifle


I tried to mount the Attachacam camera mount to my cross bow but I did not have anything I could attach it to. I tried on the foot stirrup but it was not large enough for the mount to become locked in. Because I have a red dot scope on the cross bow the barrel would not allow me to put the mount there. If I had a regular scope perhaps I could attach the mount there, but as I said earlier I don’t think I would be comfortable doing that.

Most action cameras come with a variety of mounts included there-fore, deciding to purchase an Attachacam camera mount may seem unnecessary. Plus, at around $100, do you really need to make the purchase? I also needed to use another washer in order to secure my camera solidly in place. To me that was no big deal though. While these are all valid points, remember, if you want a camera mount that will allow you to film a hunt yourself and you want the clearest images possible then you are going to want the Attachacam camera mount for its durability and solid security. The multiple years of use you will get out of the Attachacam camera mount will pay for itself many times over. I can’t wait to start using the Attachacam camera mount in the field. Once spring arrives and the snow melts I plan on getting out and taking some video.

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Happy outdoor adventures everyone.
Tim Collins.