April 25, 2024
Good Hunting Rifle

When it comes to purchasing a new rifle to take on your next hunt, it’s easy to assume there are a number of options available. This can be quite daunting if you are unsure of what you’re looking for, but if you base the rifle type on what you typically hunt then it can be easier to find what kind suits you best.

For example, if you are hunting deer, then you shouldn’t use a shotgun or a pistol. You would need something that can travel a given distance and with a big enough caliber of bullet to take out your target with ease.

If you find the right rifle for what you’re hunting then not only will this make your hunt easier, but it can be quite exciting at the same time! Determining which of your firearms you want to take on the hunt is another task all together compared to buying a new one. Online shopping might be easier because websites usually offer tons of content to help you decide. But if you’re still quite unsure of where to start, here are a couple of tips that may help you find the right rifle.

1. Consider The Caliber

You wouldn’t want to take a peashooter on your next hunt, so why would you want to waste your money on a rifle that can’t get the job done? The caliber of the bullet is something that should be considered in this circumstance because you don’t want the animal to suffer after it has been shot. If you manage to miss the vital organs, the animal would die slowly, prolonging its suffering. So, shop around for different options and see which ones accept what caliber of bullet. This will tell you what it can handle during a hunt and what it can’t.

2. Does It Feel Right In Your Hands?

You are going to be lugging this rifle around with you on the hunt, so you don’t want something that you’ll get tired from simply carrying on your shoulder. It wouldn’t hurt to do some research online and after that go to a gun store to hold different rifles. This will give you an idea of how the gun feels, how much it weighs, and if it feels comfortable in your hands. If you have the feeling in your gut that something isn’t right with the weight, or how it sits in your hand, then it may be worth listening to your instinct and keep shopping.

3. Will Your Accessories Work With The Rifle?

Another tip is to consider is whether or not accessories like your scope can be attached to the rifle. It can be quite challenging to take a shot from a distance without a scope and simply hope you hit the target, only to find out you missed. So, if you plan to camp out and watch from a distance, it may be worth choosing a rifle that matches your own accessories. Considering most do have that option, then it wouldn’t be too hard to find one that fits the bill, especially if you’re choosing a rifle for big game hunting.

4. Is The Deal Worth It?

We have all heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true it probably is,” and that is not entirely false. There are a lot of shops that run promotions, but it is important to consider why that is. It could be a gun they don’t sell very often and they’re trying to burn through the stock they’ve been holding onto. So, before you jump on a bargain deal it may be worth doing some research on that specific rifle and see what you can find out. If it turns out it is a great gun and has received positive reviews, then it may be worth jumping on that deal before the sale ends.

5. Use Of Technology

With how technology has progressed it can be safe to assume that there would be advancements in how hunting rifles are adapting to modern society. But we live in a society that always wants more, and in recent times, technology allowed guns to evolve. These days, it’s now possible to have a gun that can’t miss. While this is new and exciting, this type of rifle work can be quite far from where they want it to be and may require a lot of work to dial it in. Until then, it may be better to stick to what is tried and true.


What it comes down to when shopping around for a new rifle is how well it works for you, and whether it is one you can see yourself using for years to come. If you need more information than what the internet can provide, then it may be worth dropping by a gun shop to speak with a trained professional. Happy Hunting!