July 23, 2024
road trip

The sound of a road trip is magic enough to set your heart racing in excitement. It’s like the sound of freedom echoing through your soul begging you to burst out from your bubble. Whether you are escaping the daily crutches of your routine life or just simply heading out for an adventure, having the right things on your trip can make or break your time on the road. Therefore, it is imperative that you procure the necessary gear for your car before heading out on the open road.

To keep things in perspective we are not talking about warm clothes for the trip, magnetic games, ready to munch snacks, or sunscreen lotions. While the above-said things will be necessary for the trip, the aim of this post, however, is to inform the readers about essential car gears that they would need for a hassle-free road trip or you could just hire a party bus to Corpus Christi.

road trip

  1. Cargo Box:
    The first-ever challenge you will encounter before anything else is the problem of adjusting your luggage. The situation becomes more complex when you are traveling as a group. The solution? Investing in a good cargo box. A cargo box effectively doubles your trunk space by moving bulky items from your car’s trunk to the roof. After gathering a lot of intel on rooftop cargo boxes or rooftop tents from manufacturers, experts, and customer reviews, we found the Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite to be the best in class cargo box that comes with the best combination of features like build quality, adequate space, and value pricing for customers. The low drag aerodynamic design of the box helps in minimizing the noise and reducing the impact on the fuel economy of the car. The cargo box from Yakima comes in 4 different offerings for customers namely the Skybox 21 pro, Skybox18 pro, Skybox 16 pro, and Skybox 12 pro.
  2. GPS Unit:
    Now, most of the time our smartphones are assistance enough for short distances but a journey that involves treading off the road on a beaten path without a coverage area can render even the best of phones useless. A GPS unit can be of great help at times like these. The Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S is a highly recommended option that comes with a user-friendly interface, excellent navigation tools, and precise voice directions. The Garmin Drive also has the ability to connect with your smartphone for easy sharing and also includes free lifetime updates, safety, and traffic-oriented alerts. If you are looking for more such pro-tips on car care, be sure to check out Online Savings Hack. The site has tons of useful information on the subject.
  3. Radar Detector:
    A radar detector is a simple electronic device that drivers can use to detect whether their speed is being monitored by the police using a radar gun. Valentine one is the best radar detector doing the rounds in the market and is a favorite among customers and professional drivers with the likes of Alex Roy and Ed Bolian using them. The user-friendly interface of the Valentine one easily outperforms its other competitors in the market. The directional arrows on the Valentine one is a helpful tool that tells you which direction exactly is the radar signal coming from while also rooting out unimportant signals.
  4. Dashcams:
    Dashcams have become a must-have tool for any driver. Increased distractions and decreasing attention spans have made our daily commutes a dangerous affair. Using a dashcam increases your chance of having irrefutable proof in cases in the event of an untoward accident. The market today is flooded with tons of dashcams each featuring a host of features but after careful consideration, the Garmin Dash Cam 55 came out an overall winner among experts and users alike. It offers a host of features at a reasonable price. The Garmin offers a respectable 1440p HD resolution and 30 frames per second. The voice-activated function works well and lets you focus on the road ahead while the alert function plays relevant messages instead of false alarms like other dash cams in the market.
  5. Portable Jump Starter:
    Your car kit is incomplete without a portable jump starter. Earlier, this wasn’t the most feasible idea for any car owner because of the sheer size and cost of jump starters which were mindlessly bulky, difficult to charge, and hard to store. The new PowerAll Deluxe PBJS12000-R is the best jump starter to have for any car owner. This portable jump starter pack comes with a high capacity battery that is attachable to a normal car’s battery. Of all the jump starters in the market today, PowerAll Deluxe has the best combination of safety, built-in power and has a superior build quality.

road trip

Heading out on a road trip today? Check these 5 important must-have gears for your car.