June 15, 2024

Just starting out as a deer hunter? Here are four essentials for your pack and your body that will help you stay alive.

When you first start hunting, it is easy to get carried away. We think that it’s OK to go hunting in jeans and T shirt and as a result we may end up in hospital. That’s right, going out hunting when you’re not prepared as a surefire way to land yourself in hospital. It’s not just about preparation in terms of weaponry either, it’s about preparation in terms of clothing. Are you prepared? Were you planning on going winter hunting simply by wrapping up in some layers of ordinary clothing? If so, you need our help.

Here is everything you need to know about the four essential items of clothing that make every new Deer Hunter into a success.

Four pieces of clothing every new Deer Hunter needs

If you have just discovered your interest in deer hunting, then invest in these four pieces of clothing to make sure you stay safe out there. Proper hunting clothes are essential. Don’t be caught unprepared or it could mean your life.

1 – Merino Wool Base Layer

First of all, we cannot stress the importance of a good base layer enough. A good base layer will keep you warm and dry while you are hunting. We recommend a merino wool base layer because this is tough and durable, and odor resistant as well as moisture repellent. A merino wool base layer will keep you warm in winter and dry in summer. It will even last you for years to come, since it is well known to be so durable.

2 – Orange overalls

The deer can’t see the bright color orange, but other hunters can. There are old school hunters who do not wear the orange because they believe that it scares the deer away, but frankly, this is a little stupid. It is the noise they make that scares away the deer, not the colors they are wearing. Consider the colorblind bull, who chases the red rag through training and because it is moving. It is movement that they sense, not color.

An orange overall or hat announces your presence to other hunters who won’t then shoot you because they think you’re a deer. Consider it thoroughly before you leave for a hunting trip.

3 – Socks

You should pack as many socks as you can carry. You should wear two pairs no matter what you are doing and keep the rest for later. Dry feet are an essential part of hunting. You should consider taking two pairs of boots too, in case one of your pairs of boots get damp. It is ridiculously hard to get things dry again when you are hunting in the wet or the low temperature conditions of winter. Don’t be caught out with wet feet or you risk trench foot.

4 – Gloves

Just like your feet, your hands are a second extremity likely to get colder than you expect. Nobody wants to risk frostbite, which you can get even in warmer weather. If you are sitting in a blind all night, the risk of frostbite is very real regardless of the time of year. Take multiple pairs of good gloves and don’t risk your fingers.

Merino Wool Works Best

There should be no doubt in your mind that the best base layer you can have as a merino wool base layer. Obviously, you want a waterproof outer layer, but those merino wool inner layers will keep you warm and toasty regardless of which season you’re hunting in. When you’re not worrying about your core temperature dropping, you are free to enjoy the hunt. The only ones who won’t be happy about it is the deer.