June 14, 2024

Article Written By; Marin Lisica,

Even in today’s modern world it appears that the age-old tradition of hunting for meat still holds its place. Hunting, butchering and eating deer meat has several benefits and is a much better alternative to buying store bought beef.

Venison is one of the most organic and natural sources of red meat to consume. Deer that are hunted for their meat are born and bred in the wild and not raised by humans. Their diet consists of natural food sources; grains, nuts, acorns, fruit and grass to name a few. On the other hand, the majority of beef found in supermarkets has come from cattle that have been raised on farms, which have most likely been injected with hormones and chemicals.

Hunting and eating deer meat is also extremely favorable to human health and wellbeing. Hunting gets people outdoors and scouting for deer helps maintain a fit and active lifestyle. Not only that, venison helps with digestive disorders, it increases your lean skeletal muscle mass and is rich in iron which helps keep energy levels high. This info graphic created by GoodGameHunting.com showcases the many reasons why hunting deer and eating venison is better for our health, helps the environment and is a cost effective way to keep the freezer filled with meat.

There are so many reasons why hunting for deer meat is beneficial not only for the environment but for our well being and health. We have narrowed it down to 27 benefits of harvesting and eating wild venison and have created a really cool infographic to better illustrate the long lasting debate of venison vs beef. This will answer many of those questions many people have, such as is deer meat healthy? Doesn’t it taste gamey? How much does it cost?

venison vs beef - is deer meat healthy?


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