April 21, 2024
survival tips

If you are a seasoned hunter then you are better at surviving in the woods than an average Joe.

However, whilst you might be a veteran when it comes to hunting, archery and bows, wilderness survival is something most hunters tend to neglect. Yes, they might adapt to the environment, but preparing for the wilderness beforehand will make your hunting expedition much more fun and exciting. Be it a small game or big game, wilderness survival is essential for hunters. Today, we will be talking about some tips that will help you in the woods and help you hunt better! So without any further ado, let’s just dive into it.

survival tips

Clean water:

A human can live longer without food than water. Up to 60% of the human body is water in an adult. Water is essential during a hunting expedition. No matter how many bottles you carry chances are you will run out especially on a long hunting trip in the wild woods. Drinking from the stream or the river without purifying it can be detrimental to your health. You might end up with diarrhea or cholera! You just cannot take any chances. You get a LifeStraw Personal Water Filter from Amazon which will help you purify and filter out the stream water. However, it is better that you make a fire and boil the water then filter it with the straw when you run out of drinking water. This will give you an added protection, as you might not know what those waters contain and you cannot risk the chance of being sick.


Hunting in the wild woods is no child’s game. You have to be at your best. If you miss out on catching a game it means no dinner for the day. You need to be extra focused. Regardless of how expensive and well built your rifle or bow is, if you are distracted, you will miss your target. To focus better you need to cancel out the noise. Pick up a noise-canceling headphone from online and wear it whilst hunting. This is likely to help you focus better and up the ante when it comes to hunting. Don’t disregard this tip as without food there is no wilderness survival!


If you don’t get enough sleep you will not be focussed. And to have a good night sleep you need good shelter. Whilst it can be tempting to just get a hammock and a tarp to somehow get some sleep, but it can be dangerous. The mosquitos in the wild will disturb you all night long! You need to get a proper tent with good mesh cover so that mosquitos stay out and the wind comes in to cool you down. You can get a single man tent or a large family size tent if you are going to be hunting in the wilderness with your buddies.

All in all, these are some of the wilderness hunting tips that you should keep in mind. When it comes to hunting in the wilderness it can get be quite fun and exciting. Don’t let all the excitement take over you, always be cautious and careful at all times. Never let lose your guard as you might have to face some unwanted adversities during your expedition!