June 14, 2024

Anyone who is new to the world of shooting might be wondering what they should be wearing to the shooting range. There are certain rules and suggestions that you need to take into account based on the style and etiquette of this sport. The outdoors clothing you wear can help improve your skills instead of restricting you and ensure that all safety guidelines are met. To better determine what you should be wearing, you need to consider the type of shooting you are going to be doing.

What you wear when you go shooting will be affected by the occasion and how formal the event you are going to is. However, there are some essential items that you need to wear in both formal and informal shooting settings. It is important that you know what they are and why you need to wear them.


Headwear is not something that is always necessary, but a lot of shooters will choose to wear a classic shooting hat such as a tweed cap. In the winter months, you might want to consider a knitted hat for the warmth it provides. Another important aspect of headwear is ear protection and this is something that you need to have.

The sound of a shot is louder than you might imagine and be surrounded by this for a prolonged period can lead to long-term hearing damage. It is best to have earplugs or noise-reducing electronic earmuffs. These items will protect your eardrums and stop you from getting a headache while shooting.


When you are at formal shoots, you need to have a suitable tie a part of your clothing. In the winter, you should wear a neck scarf for warmth as you will be getting chilly while out. There are no other requirements with regard to neckwear.

Coats And Jackets

Choosing the right shooting jacket is very important because this piece of clothing will directly impact your performance. The jacket you have should fit you well and allow you some freedom of movement. Your arms should not be limited in any way.

During the winter months, you should look at a jacket that is waterproof, high-quality and warm. You also need to consider the thickness of the jacket. This could prevent injuries from the kickback of your gun as the padding takes the impact.


When it comes to shirts, the most common choice will be a check shirt. These shirts will generally be dark and in camouflage style colors which will help you blend into the background. If you are going to a formal shoot, you may be required to wear a waistcoat as part of the dress code. In these situations, it is best to get in touch with the host before the event to find out what the clothing requirements will be.


Gloves are another piece of clothing that is not essential, but they are something that you might want to invest in for the winter months. The gloves that you get will need to have a good grip and should not limit the movement of your fingers in any way. If shooting is something that you are going to be doing frequently, you should consider investing in a quality pair of shooting gloves as well.


If you are going to an informal shoot, you can wear moleskin trousers and there will be no problems. However, when you head to a more formal shoot, you need to look at tweed trousers or breaks. These trousers will need to be comfortable as well as waterproof and warm. This is important because you are going to be wearing them for a prolonged period of time.


An essential part of your shooting outfit should be a good pair of shooting socks. In the winter, it is often advised that you wear two pairs at once because this will keep your feet both warm and dry. However, you also need to ensure that your feet are not restricted in your boots as you do not want to cut off circulation by warming too many socks.

While socks are important, you may also want to consider garters. They are good from a style point of view and a practical one as they will ensure that your socks are held fast.


When it comes to shoes, you will need to look at wearing either boots or wellingtons. The key features to look for will be good ankle support, waterproofing, and the overall comfort. Your shoes will also need to provide overall support as the ground will generally be uneven and support reduces the chances of any injuries.

If you are going to be shooting in the rain, Wellingtons are recommended. The only issue is that they will provide less support when compared to shooting boots. This means that they should be your last resort when it comes to footwear.

Ear Protection

Whether you are game shooting or clay pigeon shooting, ear protection is something that you need to have. There are a lot of molded and disposable earplugs that you can use. It is also possible to use headphones that block out sounds. When it comes to choosing the right ear protection for your shooting, you need to ensure that they do not get in the way of the gun mount. If your ear protection does get in the way, it will negatively impact your ability to shoot.

Eye Protection

When it comes to eye protection, this will generally be provided when you are clay pigeon shooting and be ready at the venue. This is something that you need to use as it will protect your eyes from clay fragments. If you want to train your eye to better follow the movement of the clay, you can choose a tinted alternative to the protection offered by the venue.


When it comes to t-shirts, you will be able to take your pick when clay pigeon shooting. This is due to the fact that this type of shooting is less formal. It is generally recommended that you have light layers which you can remove or add to depending on the weather. When you get warm, you can remove layers and when you get cold you can add more.

If you are still unsure about the clothing you should wear when shooting, you can contact the host or school to find out more. They will generally be happy to advise you on what to wear to the event you are going to.