July 16, 2024

The drive for good health and a fit body is always on the mind of every person out there regardless of who you are.  You may say you don’t care about being fit or looking good on the beach, but we all know that is just a cover up and your way making yourself feel better about it.  But yes, you do think about it and wish you could do something about it.  Let me tell you this, getting in shape and dropping all of those or some of those unwanted pounds isn’t all rewards.  

I was in the same boat most of you are with my weight.  I was 60 pounds more than I really wanted to be but I thought I carried it well as did a lot of other people.  I was still active with sports and running around the yard with the kids.  But deep down inside I couldn’t stand the sight of myself in a picture or would I ever want to go to the beach or pool because I was embarrassed.  I never did anything about because I always knew hunting season was just around the corner and I would lose most of that weight.  But that eventually quit being the case.  I went from lazy too stupid lazy.  I used to take the quad to every stand and would never walk more than 100 yards if I didn’t have to.  If I shot a deer and couldn’t get the quad to it, it would take me forever to drag it no matter how big or small it was.  I eventually got a little smarter and started walking to my stands and never touched the quad unless I needed to drag something out.  That was a few years ago and it was too little too late.  I was already too far gone.  

Over that winter of hard hunting, a lot of sweating and plenty of stopping because I can’t breathe anymore, I knew something had to be done.  I accepted the fact I was fat and out of shape and had no business trying to do what I was doing.  I needed to make a change and the only person that could do it was me.  Time to Train Hard.

I will save the training part for another time but I will say this much, it was and is HARD work.  Especially getting started in the beginning.  The best thing you can do is study what you eat.  That is the #1 reason for being obese.  Screw that politically correct stuff.  Let’s call it for what it is, FAT.  Eating like crap is the #1 reason for being FAT.  Study your diet, track your foods and calories and learn where you can change.  Actually make those changes and stick with them and I bet the pounds will start dropping right away.  Then start the easy part of Training so you can Hunt Hard.

If your goal for Training Hard is to Hunt Hard, then help yourself out and train like you hunt.  Figure out where you get tired the most and train for it.  In most cases everyone has a problem with endurance.  Then guess what, you need to build your endurance.  There are many things you can do like jogging, long hilly hikes, bike riding and so on.  But don’t half ass it, you can get more out of an intense 15 minute workout then you can a slow 1 hour workout.  Your heart is the main reason to get in shape.  You need to workout your heart and the best way to do that is to get it beating.  My favorite workout for a hunter or outdoors person is working out in the woods.  Go out and run the trails and run them hard.  Power up those hills as hard as you can and jog at the top.  When you’re hunting, you’re probably going to be going in bursts at times.  Train Hard to get your body ready for those bursts in the woods.  You get the idea, I can go on and on about this.  I wanna Hunt Hard.

Ok, your in shape and feeling good.  Dropped a bunch of weight and ready to take that long walk to your favorite stand.  Guess what, none of your clothes fit.  This is the part that really sucks.  If you’re the type that likes to buy the latest and greatest every year, then congrats.  But if you’re like me and use the same camo for as long as you possibly can, your SOL and you actually have to go get all new hunting cloths.  So bite the bullet, find some made in the USA gear and support the locals.  Because you deserve it.  Train Hard + Hunt Hard = New Gear.