April 23, 2024

Rock climbing is an activity that you can engage in for fun or as a workout routine. It is quite easy to reach your targeted height as long you use the right techniques and equipment. Be prepared and calm when climbing since anxiousness can make you trip and fall. The below tips and tricks will guide you in knowing the techniques required to perfect in rock climbing.


You cannot become a perfect rock climber over the night. The activity requires constant practice and patient. Don’t start with the large rocks that can only be climbed by professionals. Use the small one that will not give you a hard time. Through practice, you will be able to identify your firm holds and be able to create balance in the high areas. Another critical thing to note is that you don’t necessarily have to practice with a rock, you can use just anything that requires you to ascend such as a tree or a hill.

Get the right rock climbing gears.

There are special shoes that rock climbers use for climbing. You cannot use your usual sports shoes or sneakers since you need a lot of balancing and firm grip from your feet which can be achieved with the appropriate shoes.Wear shoes that have thin sole since it is much easier to attain a firm grip with such shoes. If possible avoid wearing socks or if you have to, choose thin ones. Some professional rock climbers prefer someone wearing wide climbing shoes since they are more comfortable and offer enough space for grip. Other necessities that you may require depends on the kind of rock you are climbing. For example, if you are a top rope climbers, you have to have a harness around the waist to prevent you from falling when you trip.

Learn the belay.

Although you have practiced the basics about climbing and you have the right gears, it is vital that you learn the belays. Belays are the techniques that the rock climber gains to understand how to impose tension on the rope. This is ideal for when you trip since it will protect you from falling far to the ground. Some of the tricks to learn regarding belay are;

  • The technique of tying of the rope and harness it to the belay device.
  • How to keep your active hand, ie, either if you are left handed or right handed, in a break position next to the belay device.
  • Also, ensure that your active hand is tightly holding the rope and ensure you don’t let go.

Choose your route.

Choosing the route to climb depends on the level of knowledge you have. For a beginner, avoid using high peaks. The routes are measured in full figure numbers followed by the decimals. So, the higher the number after the decimal the more challenging the course will be. Another thing to note when choosing the path is the kind of foothold the rock has. Some rocks do not have a foot hold for both feet at the start, and therefore you have to keep one foot hanging or on the ground before you find a balance. Always make sure that you begin with both hands holding onto the rock to find a good foothold.

Engage your upper body.

The strength of your upper body is very crucial since it provides the right balance and enables you to move up. Some of the areas of the body involved are the core, your arms shoulders and the fingers to provide a firm hand grip.

Ensure your arms are straight.

This is an essential trick if you want to keep on moving for long. Bending your hands makes you get tired quickly, and you can lose balance. Ensure the hands are always on a straight level. Meaning your hands should move before you move the feet. Let your arms guide your feet for easy and smooth experience.


Rock climbing is a great activity as long you have the required tricks. So follow the above tips and tricks to help you become a professional rock climber. Note that the operation requires complete preparation and the above information will help you learn about the right qualifications to make. Work with a professional climber to teach you the practical basics before you can take the challenge on your own.