February 21, 2024

No matter how skilled you are in the art of hunting there are still chances of committing some gross errors. Most success happens on the first day of the hunting season itself and it is best to make it a success by taking care of the following three factors.

Gear preparation

It is of utmost significance to have your gear set up beforehand because you would not want to miss out on the thrill of getting the kill as soon as it is sighted. Plan your day in advance and pack all the stuff that is necessary. This would include ammunition, hand warmers, gloves, socks etc. Also take care to adjust your best rimfire scope of your gun before leaving for the hunt. When you are adjusting the scope take care to make it as per your range and requirement as lack of accuracy here may lead to you missing out on some easy target. Apart from this wearing comfortable clothes and carrying enough food and water to last you for some time is a must.

Selecting a location

Before you decide to start it is best to select a location which is going to be apt for you to do your hunting. You will have to do a lot of research to finally shortlist one which is perfect for the purpose. Also keep in mind what kind of weather conditions rule the place on that day. Apart from the weather, even the wind speed can play a spoilsport to all your plans. So do check that out too. Once that has been done make the place clean and remove all those things which can create a noise and make the hunt be aware of your presence. In order to accomplish all these, you could also move in a little early in the morning and settle yourself comfortably by the time the morning light starts showing up.

Final preparation

Be prepared to spend a whole day waiting for your kill to come. Do not lose hope after an hour or so because early mornings and evenings are the best times when the animals would venture out for a stroll to your location. Do not wait for the best of the kill to come and then only hunt. It is imperative to take an aim the moment you see one approaching. However, shoot only when you are fully confident you will be able to get it. In case you are not getting any success at your location you could slowly look out for travel funnels and escape areas as these would definitely make your job easier. Also listen carefully to the sounds as they are sometimes very helpful in informing in advance about the approach of your hunt.


Hunting is a pleasure which many enjoy but it can be a success only if the above three points is adhered to carefully. You may be indulging in it only for fun but still, it is advisable to follow all the precautions to avoid failing in your mission. At times it takes a day or two to get the elusive catch and so be prepared to face the failures too.