April 21, 2024
Gun safety

Gun Safety For Kids

Article Written By; Jeffrey Nelson,


Gun control is politicized all of the time. The fight for additional background checks and disagreements over the Do Not Fly list are commonplace in our public discourse. Something that seems to be lost, however, is something that both sides vehemently agree on: gun safety.

There are most likely no more passionate people about gun safety than gun owners and sportsmen. Through the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program and other similar programs, the pro-gun community has long been doing great things in this area.

I haven’t always known all of this. In fact, I didn’t know much until I recently set out to create an infographic on the due to an experience I had at work.

I was chatting up a coworker and she mentioned she had a gun on her nightstand. This being Texas, that wasn’t surprising at all. She then mentioned she always kept it loaded and ready to go. Now, I know she has a three year old daughter, so I asked her if she wasn’t concerned that someday the daughter would find the firearm and play with it.

She said, “Oh no, my daughter knows not to touch a gun.”

Having three children of my own under the age of five, that got me thinking about gun safety and what is going on out there. So I started to do some research and learn about the topic. At the end of it, I had an infographic created to help educate people on a few simple steps a person take to help decrease the chance of a gun-related incident involving children if both guns and children are in the home.

You can see it here, as long with a longer write up, on my about gun safety for children.