May 18, 2024
Best Outdoor Activities
Best Outdoor Activities

Some of us love to climb mountains, some to fly in the sky! Whatever one should do to have a little adventure in life, you should also be aware of the risks as, without proper training and gear, you can hurt yourself. In this article, I am going to mention the seven outdoor activities for thrill-seekers. Such thrilling activities are not for beginners, so you should get proper training first before doing any such things.


Falling from the sky gives you a unique sensation. It feels like the whole world belongs to you. At the start, it looks frightening, jumping from thousands of feet above the ground, but the experience is irreplaceable.

So anytime whenever you want to do something adventures, try to board on a plane to try sky diving.

People with oxygen issues or heart diseases should avoid doing this as at such height, your heartbeat will not beat like a normal one, and you may start to face breathing issues at such level. So don’t take risks that can hurt your life in any means.

Mountain Biking

One of the best-experiencing adventure, especially when you plan to go out in the mountains with your friends. You need to have some experience of cycling before you try to ride on, for beginners, I will suggest you take single speed bicycles.

Again, this is also not comfortable for people with breathing issues, and it requires a lot of energy to ride a bicycle for a longer time. If your stamina is not that good, then consider doing something else. Also, if you’re on a budget try checking out this guide on best budget mountain bikes by Wheels Compared.

Ice climbing

Almost all are travel lovers and want to explore new things, especially thrilling ones. Ice climbing is a hell tricky activity to do and requires a lot of skills. One can climb rocks or mountains referred to as rock climbing, but ice climbing is a risky activity but a thrilling one too. People who can’t tolerate cold temperatures have to avoid it because such a thick layer of ice for climbing can only be found in areas with zero degrees of temperature.

Running from bulls

It’s one of the popular and old traditions in Spain. For hundreds of years, bullfighting is attracting visitors from all around the world. People gather around to see and experience this festival every year; usually in summertime, one has to run in front of 8 t 10 group of cattle.

Many people get injured too, as, in such a crowded environment, one can easily get hurt by a bull. It’s a festival full of fun and thrill but with some pain too if you get yourself wounded while running.

Ice swimming

It’s very popular among people who can bear to dive into really cold waters, the temperature below 5c. You cannot wear anybody warming suits or anything like that. Professionals who do this in winter and cold temperatures usually wear only swimming suits, and they’re not beginners.

Their body has capabilities to adjust with such temperature, and it can achieve only with practice and time; for a newbie, it’s very hard to even bear such temperature for 30seconds.

Survival training

Each one of us has experienced these things on popular tv shows, but have you ever thought about doing it by yourself? Living in the forest or mountains for one or two weeks with natural resources out there in the wild!

Take part in wild forest camps where usually an instructor teaches you basic survival techniques in such an environment. One learns a lot by spending time with such people.

Formula 1 driving

It’s not for people only who are pro at driving, but a beginner can, too, try to learn driving a formula one. It’s a hell fun of a ride and a totally different experience. You need to join such clubs who offer training and give a chance to ride this beast like a bullet in the sky.

Driving a formula one car at racing tracks will surely fulfill your desire to have some adventure in life! Sometimes people get so attached to it that it becomes their everyday hobby. So, give it a try. You surely would love it.

The Bottom Line

So, we have mentioned these seven activities that are full of adventure and thrill. Next time whenever you want to spend your holidays having some fun, just try one of these activities but with precautions too, as thrill doesn’t come alone! There are risks too while having such fun; especially if you’re not that young, then you have to be more careful.