June 12, 2024
gun safety
gun safety

Guns are a lot of fun. Feeling the kick after a shot is a powerful feeling. But at the same time, guns need to be handled responsibly. This is something we need to always be thinking about.

There are a few important rules that need to be followed when handling a gun, whether at the gun range or out hunting.

1. Point the muzzle in a safe direction

Whenever safely handling any gun, make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. When at the gun range, the safe direction is always downrange. When out hunting, it is important to consider where your companions are when handling your firearm.

2. Unload when not in use

When you are not using your gun, make sure to take all ammunition out. This way your gun cannot accidentally go off when stored or in transport.

3. Use the safety, but don’t rely on it

The safety is a good backup feature, but you don’t want to rely on it. During transport, the safety could get bumped and turned off. While it’s a great backup to have to keep the gun from firing, you cannot rely on it if the gun is loaded.

4. Know your target area

Know what you are shooting at and what’s behind it. Of course, the gun range is designed to have limited space and restricted access behind the target area. If you are shooting in a field or public land, make sure you know what is behind your target area so that no one can unsuspectingly walk in. It is best to shoot towards a hillside so that any stray bullets impact the hill.

5. Proper ammunition

Be sure to purchase proper ammunition for your gun. Using the wrong ammunition can jam the barrel or worse, destroy your gun and cause injury to the user. Once you purchase a gun, you assume the responsibility to purchase the proper ammunition for your firearm. Learn more on The Gun Source.

6. Make sure barrel is clear

Before shooting, make sure the barrel is clear; do this before you load the gun. Occasionally, cartridges will misfire and become jammed. If this happens, be sure to handle the gun with care to get the jammed cartridge out. This varies from firearm to firearm, so it is important to know how to fix this if it happens.

7. Eye and ear protection

Whenever you are shooting it is important to protect your eyes and ears. Sunglasses can protect your eyes and earplugs are relatively cheap. Both can be purchased when purchasing ammunition.