July 24, 2024
outdoor camping

Camping is a classic outdoor activity done by most people in summer. It’s an amazing way to get some quality time in with your friends or family members.

Camping can also be very hard if you have no experience in it or someone with no experience. Usually, people hire a guide with them but it ruins the fun. So, try to figure out everything yourself for some extra fun and knowledge. And if you’re an expert, you might want to try wild camping instead.

If you’re with your kids, then you probably know how much planning and preparation it takes to camp. But, camping with the family is very fun, you make some of your favourite memories together as a family.

There will only be you and your family alone in the middle of a forest or maybe on a mountain wherever you decide to set up your camp.

Campfire is the best part of camping, you’ll all be sitting huddled around a campfire, telling each other stores, roasting marshmallows, etc. These are the most priceless moments you’ll ever have as you can’t go camping every weekend.

Packing the gear for your whole family can be very tiring and can feel daunting. Whether you decide to camp on a mountain or a one-week camping road trip, they both require the same amount of gear.

You can even invite your friends for some extra fun, you can do different outdoor activities while you’re camping such as hiking, biking, etc. And again, you won’t be doing this very often so cherish these moments and don’t miss them.

Here are some camping tips and tricks you should try to make the most out of your camping experience;

Cook around a campfire

Food grilled or cooked over a campfire tastes so much better than the food which is normally cooked at home.

You can take raw meat with yourself in a box to camping and later when you’re hungry you can cook it with the help of your friends or family members. Try to wrap the meat in cabbage leaves and then roast them for extra flavour.

Make a lantern

Creating a lantern is very easy, all your need is a large water bottle or any transparent bottle will do the job. But the best effect comes out of a bottle that has some shady colour to it.

At night, strap the headlamp with the side of the bottle so the beam is faces inwards and not outwards. This works very well just like a big torch; all you need is a headlamp and a large water bottle and you’ll have a lantern working in no time.

A mini medkit

A first aid kid is essential when going camping. One of the camping legends tips is to prepare a mini medkit and take it with yourself for emergency purposes.

Keep it for an emergency, you might cut yourself when hiking or you might fall onto some rocks and start bleeding, so then the medkit that you prepared would come in handy.