June 18, 2024

Camping Adventure

All living beings come from Mother Nature’s womb—humans too. That’s why some people love to go on camping trips, to return to the mother’s embrace and reattune their spirits to their origins.

Most adventures need to be earned, however. When camping, it’s the journey before the destination. How hard you work through the trail can affect how you ultimately enjoy your trip.

There are tools that can help you get the most out of your journey and help you through it. Here are some recommendations.

Sturdy Backpack

The wilderness can be a harsh mistress. With wicked branches jutting out from dead trees and creeping undergrowth that can hide a sharp rock, you’ll do well to tread lightly and gear up well. To hold your gear, you need an equally sturdy pack. And what’s sturdier than one made of the same material that of as sports cars?

Backpacks made of carbon fiber are lightweight and durable—perfect for outdoor adventures. The material also creates a unique, modern, and stylish weave, so the bag can be used for urban treks too without making you look out of place.

Survival Knife

There are many uses for a knife in a camping trip. It’s a good self-defense weapon if things go bad, and it can be used as a utility tool for cutting ropes and opening canned food.

If you want to add a personal touch to your blade, adventure gear from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts can be engraved with a monograph on the handles. And if you think a simple knife won’t do for you, they also sell handaxes.

Water Purifier Tablets

You can live up to three weeks without food, but you cannot survive three days without water. Water is that important. That’s why you need to take a lot of it on your trip.

However, long camping trips can drain your supply, and you may have to rely on natural water sources like rivers or springs. In most cases, those sources aren’t completely clean of microbes and possibly some harmful substances. Thus, you may want to bring along water-purifier tablets when you travel.

Weather Protection

An umbrella can be useful for protecting yourself from the sun as well as for shelter from rain. Taking an umbrella for a camping trip isn’t that too strange a notion. In fact, some seasoned hikers carry a small one.

Large umbrellas, though able to cast a wider cone of shade, are too bulky and impractical when traversing through the wilderness; however, if you’re just going camping without hiking because you own an RV, then by all means, take a big umbrella with you.

Direct exposure to the sun can cause heat-related diseases, most notably skin cancer. Thus, take ample protection with you.

Trekking Poles

Camping trips often involve hiking to your destination. Hikes can be brutal to your knees, especially if the trail is difficult. Thus, you may want to bring a trekking pole or two with you. Your arms holding the poles will act like another set of legs, helping you balance out your body weight and ease the pressure off your actual legs.

A trekking pole also has a spike on its bottom end. Sticking it to the ground deep enough will give you something to hold on to when climbing steep hills. Besides that, trekking poles have other uses in the campsite, like holding up a tarp for a makeshift tent.

Camping Hammock

Shelter is important when camping. While you can bring tents, just know that, because of their metal poles and pegs, they’re typically heavy, and you’ll also need a sleeping bag to keep warm at night, adding more to your burden. For long trips, it’s better to bring a hammock.

A camping hammock doubles as your shelter and your sleeping bag. Plus, you only need to tie its guy lines to a tree, pillar, or anything with enough height to setup your hammock, none of those poles and pegs. Probably the only downside with a hammock is that it’s for solo use only.

Safe Travels

With all the stress in the city, sometimes you need an escape. Going on camping trips can give you that peace and quiet so rarely found in the urban jungle. However, you still need to be prepared, or else your adventure can devolve into misery.

Thus, consider taking the items in this list on your next camping trip. With these, your journey will become a breeze.