April 11, 2024

By: Bassin on Guntersville, http://www.fishhound.com

As we head into the heat of the summer we become limited as to ways to catch fish especially when they are deep. As the fish suspend more, some of the baits we have been successful with like deep running crank baits or heavy jigs with big profile trailers stop producing. The reason is pretty simple the bass are less reactive in the heat; they suspend more because they lack oxygen and their bodies just have less energy.

The shakey head provides a couple of key factors that help you catch fish in the heat of the summer. The first thing is, shakey heads rigged with small worms have a real small profile in the water and become more of a finesse style of fishing. There is no doubt that bass like small profile baits as the water gets warmer and they suspend. Secondly a shakey head can be worked slowly yet drop successfully to the bottom in the deepest water. So as the bait slowly drops through suspending fish they become an easy meal. It must also be noted that as the summer goes on we see more and smaller bait as the shad spawn and reproduce all summer long. The shakey head matches the size of the bait fish not only in the summer but on into the fall also.
Shakey head is a finesse type vertically dropping bait that produces when the power fishing goes away, in deep water there is no better bait to catch numbers with! There are a couple of key aspects of a shakey head that I cannot do without; the first is a big hook, not all shakey head manufacturers build it with a number 3 or 4 hook. Next for the bait to be successful that is rigged on the shakey head it must lay flat and straight, the only way to do that is to rig it with a wire screw on head for the bait. In other words not all shakey heads are equal and the best one on the market is the Punisher Shakey Head; it meets all my needs!
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