May 17, 2024

Written by Matt

When I first started Average Hunter, I got definitions from many people with what they thought it meant.  There was only one answer that was correct.  It was all of them.  Average Hunter does have many many different meanings to everyone.  But in my mind it all boils down to one word, “Priority”.  To most of us, the outdoors is not our priority in life.  The outdoors is our passion.  It’s where we want to be at all times, it’s what we want to be involved with and it’s the one thing we most want to teach others about, especially our children.  But being an Average Hunter is understanding that in life, we all have priorities that will always overrule.

The last few weeks, priorities has greatly taken up a lot more time then my passion.  In this case my passion being this website and the Average Hunter Podcast.  I have left a lot of people hanging and waiting and telling them “I will get back to your soon”.  But something else pops up and another week goes by.  Another week of slow posting on website and another week of no podcast.  I feel bad for all the fans that read the site and listen to the podcast, but this is a passion and it got overruled.

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