June 18, 2024
camping toolbox

Imagine an early sunrise high in the mountains. The sun is still not over the horizon, but you can see the first light peeking in the distance. The birds start awakening and are singing their songs. You’re slowly preparing your coffee grounds.

Camping has many other amazing things you may consider lovely and enjoyable. If you’re a passionate camper, you love everything nature can offer – from the fresh air to the endless hiking trails to the marvellous wildlife you can watch, photograph, or interact with.

When you’re going camping, there are multiple options to choose from regarding the type. It’s not the same going lightweight and going with full gear. There’s no right or wrong, of course, but everyone should pick what suits their idea of fun.

Although there are many other things to consider and choose from when planning your next camping trip, we’re now focusing on the camping style or choosing whether you should go lightweight or pack the car with everything you need. If you want to know more about this difference, keep reading and learn more about the two different styles.

Lightweight Camping

Lightweight camping is an excellent way to go into nature, enjoy yourself, and leave only footprints. When we say lightweight camping, we mean going camping with only the essentials. We need food and water, of course, but is there a need for anything else?

Sure, you can’t spend a week in nature going lightweight, but a day or two is entirely possible. Pack your backpack with only the essentials and head to nature. Find the perfect spot and place the tent or the sleeping pad. Some people find it enjoyable when sleeping under the open sky, and they need no tent to feel comfortable.

There are a few things you must have, though. Aside from the essentials we mentioned, you will also need some spare clothes, a first-aid kit, a knife, and something to light a fire with. Without these things, don’t even think about going into the great outdoors, as the risk is too big to do it.

A big pack will fit more stuff inside, but lightweight camping means going literally lightweight. You need to feel comfortable and enjoy the trip. Some people will create a mix of this idea and go with a full backpack, but without too many things that will create an experience too complicated to enjoy it.

The other idea is going camping by car. A UTE or a truck will fit almost anything you think of, so if you don’t like the idea of lightweight camping, check the other option.

Car Camping

Car camping is the complete opposite of lightweight camping. When you’re going on a trip with your vehicle, you can pack almost anything you think of. Of course, doing it with a small city car will make it impossible, but going with a spacious UTE means you can pack everything.

To do this, you must find the best tool boxes for sale around you. Check the local shops and find an adequate toolbox canopy that you will mount over the rear bed. This item will help you store the camping equipment and all the other necessities needed for a comfortable trip.

To have a perfect car camping experience, you must store everything you feel will make the trip comfortable. Many can’t imagine camping without a comfortable bed, others can’t do without their laptop, and some are addicted to their sports equipment.

When you drive a car to a designated location, you can store these things and ensure the entire camping experience is flawless. Lighting a fire is easy, as well as cooking, having a perfect shot of espresso, and much more are normal because you have enough room in your toolbox to store all these things.

Some people even go a step further and practice glamping or glamorous camping. This activity means camping with glamorous items. They lay out an enormous tent, have a queen-sized bed inside, lighting, and sometimes even a bathtub. It may be too much for some, but if you find this as interesting, be sure it is possible if you choose car camping.

Which One is Better?

Is there a way to say which one is better? Both are interesting and are suitable for those who prefer one over the other. If you can’t go without your vehicle and prefer comfort over anything else, go with the car camping option, but if you love freedom of movement and being active, you might prefer lightweight camping.

Whatever you choose, it’s important to know how to do it best and enjoy your trip. Camping can be quite a complex experience if you’re unsure of your actions. Learn everything about the way you prefer, and spend a fantastic time in nature.