May 26, 2024

For years many people have always thought that the world record whitetails of the Hanson 213 5/8 typical and the largest hunter taken non-typical buck shot by Tony Lovstuen which scored 307 5/8 would probably be records that would last a long time.  Many believe they would never be broken.  Well, the Hanson buck is a tough one to beat, but a big nasty non-typical can pop up anytime.  

Let’s look at recent happenings.  I am sure you have all heard by now about the big Indiana non-typical that for quite a while was talked about being the next world record.  That was a legit argument as a deer like that can go many directions as how its measured.  I am a B&C measurer and I am sure if 10 different certified measurers put a tape on that deer, you would be surprised the different numbers you would see.  So officially it was measured and B&C accepted it as 305 7/8 which currently puts it as #2 as a hunter taken buck.  The list of Non-typicals is topped out overall by a giant 333 7/8 beast that was a road kill in St. Louis area.  But that brings up the question, when will that number fall.


What about the King buck that was shot in 2006 but just surfaced last year.  That is another story I am sure y’all have heard.  One day its a new record typical and the next its not.  I am not going to give my judgement on it as I have not seen the rack in person, but the placement of a couple tines took that deer from a easy world record to not.  If those tines were maybe a half inch more forward on the beam, it could have been a done deal.  So when will the typical number fall?

With the amount of supliments, minerals and high quality food plots out there on the market today that is targeted to making these monsters, when will these records be broken?  Are these numbers as safe as everyone once thought they were?  Could the world record already be hanging the wall somewhere and the trophy owner doesn’t want to tell anyone?  I think its gonna happen soon.