June 15, 2024
best hunting gear

Hunting Essentials - Must Have hunting itemsWhen it comes to going out for a hunt and choosing what to take with you, it’s best if you make a checklist. No matter what number of items you can count on the top of your head, there are some items you may still forget. Take a notepad and start jotting down the most basic things you may require during your hunting trip.

When you head out to hunt, things can get very unpredictable. From something as basic as the weather to your health being unstable, there are a hundred things that can happen. A common hunting trip can last for up to a week, if the weather and other conditions permit. It is important to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Given that the weather and your health are stable throughout the trip, there are other incidents you need to prepare for.

When packing for a hunting activity which can last for an entire day or even is prolonged for a week, here are some essentials you must pack in in your bag:

1. Monocular

When heading out for hunting, you need to be able to visualize the animals from a safe distance. Apart from the animal or bird you’re hunting, there are multiple others that might come your way. Your vision must be farsighted so you can take precautionary measures if needed on the time.

A monocular helps you see an animal coming from the distance and lets you analyze your current standing position. Especially if you’re hunting for birds, it becomes almost impossible to perfectly visualize them before shooting. When in clear sight, you have a much better chance of shooting and hitting at the right spot, at the first shot. There are multiple types of monocular available online and they can be tricky to choose from. You can always check a monocular guide to understand which one better fits your needs.

2. Rangefinder

Once you have spotted your prey through your monocular, you need to ensure your target is accurate. After all, you’ll get only one shot at making your hunt count. A rangefinder is a small device that accurately measures the distance between you and your target. Once done, you’ll be able to analyze what angle to shoot at and which possible direction the target will fall.

The rangefinder also helps you target and clearly visualize the target without having to move one single bit. Stay still at your place and get a complete workup of the target before shooting. This will ensure a successful hunting trip.

3. Flashlight

Hunting at night is definitely a bigger challenge than hunting at daytime. You are not just present at an estranged location, you’re amidst animals and birds which can surprise you at any time. In order to have an idea of everything around you and to keep your target in sight, you must have a flashlight.

A flashlight is a lightweight solution to your night issues. The light makes animals and birds stay away from you and at a distance. On the contrary, you are able to spot them and target according to your need. A flashlight also makes you stay in control of the view and plan your activities accordingly.

A flashlight is also a necessity when heading back after your hunting adventure. You can easily navigate your way around the forest, spot your target and return safely without stepping on something or falling down.

4. First Aid Kit

No matter how safe the hunting adventure is planned, there are a number of unpredictable things that can happen. From cuts and scratches from crossing trees to mosquito and insect bites, there’s no telling what can happen. Preparing for these things include having a backup for your basic health needs.

Keeping a first aid kit is possible an essential without which no travel is complete. The first aid kit must have band-aids, scratch ointments, emergency shots need in case an animal bites, etc.

5. Lighter

Surrounded by trees and leaves, making fire at night when it gets cold may not be very difficult. But getting the fire started might be a challenge. Therefore, keeping a lighter is the safest option. Not only does the lighter simply fits in your pocket, but is also an undeniable solution to winter problems.

Whether it starts raining or gets too cold to simply sleep inside the camps, starting a fire to stay warm is an excellent idea.

6. Sanitizers

Hunting involves a lot of shooting and handling dead animals. Even when you have not shot anyone, your hands may get dirty from setting up the camp in the dirt or even gathering leaves for fire. There is ample opportunity to get infected through germs when hands touch anything in the surroundings.

It is always advised to keep hands clean. While water may not be available to wash your hands, keeping a sanitizer solves that issue. A sanitizer simply wipes the hands from all infection-causing germs and protects from having bacteria rest in them. Sanitizer is a cheap and quick hygiene solution to hand, feet and even face washing when in urgency.

7. Polythene Bags

Once you’re done hunting, you need to carry carcass to your car. In order to do so without spilling blood all over clothes and throughout the way, it is important to keep the carcass in a bag. Polythene bags are the best option to keep carcass, ensuring no blood spills out and ruins the clothes or the car.

Polythene bags are easily available in all sizes. Small birds can easily fit in them while large animals, such as deer, can also be placed in them and carried by folding their bodies. Polythene bags not only make carrying and transferring animals to the car easier, but also keep everything clean. They further shield the smell from spreading inside the car. Everything is clean, smells ordinary and the animal can be simply carried back home.