June 15, 2024
live in the wild

Learn how to survive without equipment and hunt too. Deploy your environmental awareness and become the hunter, not the hunted.


There aren’t many things more enjoyable than spending time in the wilderness. Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, rock climber or camper, it’s important to educate yourself on some basic wilderness survival skills.

In fact, you need to be prepared for anything, including how to survive without equipment or supplies. This scenario could cause many people to panic.

The article takes a look at how to survive without gear. Keep reading to learn the essentials for how to keep yourself alive.

Find a Water Source

You’re going to need water. Because without it, dehydration can quickly become a serious concern.

If you already have water, try to be very conservative with it because you might need it to last as long as possible. But you’d still be wise to locate a nearby stream or lake. Just be sure to boil water taken from a natural body of water in order to make it safe for human consumption.

Learn How to Read a Compass

Never venture out into the wilderness without a compass. This simple little device can easily make the difference between survival or a complete disaster.

The key is to understand how to read your compass so that you aren’t walking in circles as you attempt to move closer to civilization.

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Learn to Build Shelter

Next, you’re going to need some form of shelter. This is especially true when spending the night in harsh weather conditions.

A well-constructed shelter will help protect you from wind, rain, and predators that might be lurking nearby.

Make Camp Early & Build a Fire

Anyone who has ever spent time camping in the wilderness should understand the value of establishing camp well before dark and building a campfire. After all, the temperature will drop significantly when the sun goes down.

It’s also hard to build shelter after sunset.

Find Edible Food for Energy

Do you have food? If not, you’re going to need to find some as soon as possible.

That’s because you’re going to be burning a lot of calories wandering around the wilderness, and you’re going to need energy. The more you know about edible plants and bugs, the better off you’ll be.

Understand Basic First Aid

Basic first aid skills can save your life. This includes how to care for cuts and other wounds, broken limbs, and even blisters on your feet.

Stay Put After Dark

Finally, resist the impulse to wander through the woods after the sun has gone down. This is because there’s a much higher risk of injury or getting lost when you try to hike without adequate light.

Tips for How to Survive Without Equipment in the Wilderness

Getting lost in the wilderness can be scary, especially if you don’t have the right gear to keep you warm and safe. Fortunately, these tips for how to survive without equipment can help you have the best outdoor experience possible.

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