July 16, 2024
Outdoor Adventure

Long weekend? Road trip? Planned vacation? Whatever it is and wherever you go, traveling with a pickup truck is convenient and fun.

A pickup truck is a car that has seating space and a huge cargo trunk. You can easily bring with you bulky objects like bikes, surfboards, and coolers when you are on the trip. This is why pickups are so convenient if you will be going out on an adventure. The seating space is limited, but you can fit people in the back.

Pickup trucks can handle rough roads, so that is a great perk, especially if you are a thrill-seeker traveling to the forest or mountains. You rarely have to worry about conquering any kind of road with a pickup.

It is a great car, but like all cars, you need to make sure it is ready to handle the drive. You can prepare your truck by knowing about it, giving it a check-up, and packing certain things for the road.

What Is Your Pickup Truck?

You can’t prepare something you have no idea about. Start preparing for that getaway by first learning about your truck.

It is important to know what type of pickup truck you have because each type has different specifications. There are variations, especially when it comes to the weight capacity of the truck, which already affects your upcoming trip.

There are a few types of pickup trucks in the market. Knowing what type of pickup truck you have will be the first step of preparation.


A full-size pickup truck can approximately carry two thousand pounds and can tow seven to twelve thousand pounds. It can accommodate at most six people. This type of truck is ideal for heavy-duty work.

Full-size pickups are the best choice when you always pack a lot of things for the road. It can conquer rough pathways and even off-road. This type has subcategories with varying weight capacity:

  • Half-ton. This type is commonly used by families. Not as heavy-duty as the other two but is still capable.
  • ¾ ton. This type is capable of carrying more weight than a half-ton. It has a larger engine and better systems.
  • 1 ton. This one is capable of doing anything. It has no problem facing all kinds of stress and workload.


Mid-size pickup trucks are usually the ones you see on the streets of the city. This type is designed to have the perfect balance of power and size. It is not as big as a full-size pickup truck, and its capacity is still not the same as the full-size, but it is still a good choice for everyday use.

Heavy Duty

Yes, full-size pickup trucks are heavy-duty but it is still different from this type of truck. Heavy-duty pickup trucks are the same as a full-size in terms of their size. However, when it comes to towing capacity, they can tow almost twice as much as a full-size. A heavy-duty pickup truck can tow seventeen thousand pounds. Despite its power and size, it is still a comfortable vehicle to drive.


Compact pickup trucks are also called mini or coupe. Do not let the name fool you. Compact pickup trucks are not really small. Its size is close to a mid-size pickup truck. It is common in other countries and not in North America. This type of pickup truck is famous in the 80s and 90s.


This one is not a common type because of its impractical price. Electric pickup trucks rely heavily on their battery, which is expensive. Its size is also compact, and its weight capacity is less compared to other types. It can tow over seven thousand pounds.


This is a rare type of pickup truck. It is said to be still underdeveloped. However, hybrids are fuel-efficient. It is a promising vehicle that is being improved at the moment.


Pickup trucks may be seen as a car for rough work but why not combine both functionality and leisure. Luxury pickup trucks can overlap with other types of pickups. This type of vehicle has high-grade materials and gives a high level of comfort.

Aside from learning what type of trunk you have, you should also learn about the specific model you have. Most likely, even though the truck is from different brands, as long as it is the same type, they would have similar qualities. Although there are similarities, there are still different specs and possibly additional features put into each model from different companies.

After learning the general description of your truck, you will also eventually learn about more specific details that will help you take care of your truck. Having a well-maintained truck will make preparing for a long trip so much easier.

What Are The Things You Need To Check Before Hitting the Road?

After knowing your type of pickup truck you have, you can now prepare better for your getaway. It is important that you conduct a check-up for your car before your exciting outdoor adventure. Prepping your car before your road trip is a responsible thing to do. It ensures your safety and the safety of other people.

Here are some things you must need to check before you travel:


Whatever type of vehicle you are going to use for your next adventure, make sure to check your BLOWBAG. BLOWBAG is an abbreviation for battery, lights, oil, water, brakes, air, and gas. These things are significant to check before your trip. Make sure to check out:

  • Battery. Check if your car’s battery is powered up. Make sure it is secured and is not rusting. Your pickup will not start properly if there is a problem with the battery. If you are having trouble starting up your truck, check the battery. You might need to replace it.
  • Light. Lights are important especially when you are traveling at night. Make sure you check that all your lights are working, inside and outside. Do not drive when your tail lights or headlights are burned. These lights are important to help you travel at night and at the same time signal other drivers when you are on the road. Also, make sure the signal warning lights on your dashboard are working so that you can be informed properly if something is wrong.
  • Oil. Oil is needed to help your car work much more smoothly. It lubricates the engine. You have to check if you have enough and if it is still clear. Traveling with insufficient and dirty oil will stress and damage the engine. If the oil has already turned black, you will need to go to a shop and have it changed.
  • Water. Even cars need water. Water is needed to prevent overheating when driving. It acts as a coolant. When your car overheats, it shuts down. Make sure your car has enough water especially when you have a long hot drive ahead.
  • Brakes. It is vital that the brakes are working properly. Driving with broken brakes can lead to accidents that can cause injuries and even death. Go to a mechanic and have them check your car. If the breaks are thin, have them replace them.
  • Air. See if your tires are ready for the road. Make sure that they are not flat or else you can have a difficult time driving. Flat tires can cause your truck to become uneven. Go to your nearest gas station and fill them up with air. Remember to also not over inflate the tires. This can cause braking or turning to become inaccurate.
  • Gas. You would not be able to drive without gas. Make sure you have enough gas for your drive. If you are already on the road, do not wait to use up all the gas before refueling again. As much as possible, you should refuel immediately when the gas indicator shows that the fuel is already half or less.

Truck’s Filter

You do not want your car to smell weird. Check the filters. Dirty filters will make it harder for your truck’s vents to clear out the odor from outside.

The air filter is not the only filter in your car. There are three other types of filters. There is a cabin, oil, and fuel filter. These also help in clearing out any dirt.


Aside from checking if there is enough air in your tires, also check if it is still in good condition. You can easily inflate a flat tire without having to replace it. However, when it is worn out and does not have a grip anymore, you need to have new tires.

You can use a coin to examine the tread depth. Insert a coin in the tire’s grove and see if you can insert at least ¼ of it. If you can’t, this is a sign to change tires.

Driving on worn-out tires might lead you to have a flat tire on the road and can also lead you to accidents. Without the tire’s grip, driving on rough and slippery roads will be harder.


Even the wipers should be checked. Wipers aid in providing visibility when raining. You can’t actually predict the weather; mother nature can be confusing. So your wipers should always be ready in case.

See if your wipers are still able to clean your windshield properly. If it starts to be noisy when you use it, that is a clear sign that you should have them replaced.

Storage Fixtures

Pickup trucks are a great form of transportation because of the trunk storage behind them. Aside from this one, you can even still add more storage using a Prinsu Roof Rack, bike rack, or even a trailer. It is important to securely hook this storage so that your items will also be secured. It also prevents you from danger and avoids hassling other travelers.

What Should You Bring On Your Next Trip?

Some things just can’t be avoided. No matter how much preparation you do, things happen. Even though you can’t control when they happen, you can still be ready for them. On your trip, you should carry certain kits and items to help you if you ever encounter a problem:

Tool Kit

Having a tool kit for your truck will come in handy when you meet certain situations. A tool kit would usually have:

  • Wrenches
  • Ratchets and sockets
  • Screwdriver
  • Battery cleaner
  • Pliers
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Multimeter
  • Wires and wire cutters
  • Jumper cable

Aside from these, it is important to travel with a spare tire. Bring a spare and a jack so that you are ready if ever your tires flatten out.

Emergency Kit

Preparing your truck not only entails the safety of the car but the safety of the people driving in it. Packing an emergency kit when you go for a long drive is a responsible thing to do.

Also, pack a fire extinguisher in case of emergencies would be a smart move. Better safe than sorry, right?

Important Documents

Preparing your truck for a long drive also means preparing yourself. Do not drive without a license. Secure important documents like car insurance and registration forms in the glove compartment in case you need it. Also, make sure they are not expired.

Even the truck’s manual is an important document. In case you encounter a strange or unusual situation with your vehicle, you can look into the manual and see if there is anything that can help you.

Drive safely by being ready. Visiting a mechanic to do some maintenance work or actively check your car before your adventure will not only keep your drive hassle-free, it will also make it fun. Your preparations will avoid unnecessary stress on the way.

Make sure you check your pickup truck’s condition before the drive. Bring the necessary kits with you in case of emergencies; as it can’t be completely avoided, it is always better safe than sorry. Prepare your truck and yourself for the long drive so you can fully enjoy your adventure.