April 11, 2024
children camping

It is never too late or early to introduce your kids to camping. Nature offers one of the fantastic sensory experiences that brings joy to your young ones, just being outside. Kids of all ages, from 5-year-old to teens, will always find something captivating when camping: a distance call of owls, star-dotted skies, and small bugs carrying on with their life’s activities.

Camping can awaken their senses and open their eyes to the natural environment. The most difficult thing parents go through is incorporating activities to make their kids more involved in the camping process. Worry no more!

Below is a simple yet effective way to get your kids involved when camping.

1. Charity begins at home

Start practicing camping at home with your kids. You can simply pitch a tent at home in the house or in your backyard. You can sleep in it or speed some quality time with your kids, so they become used to it and the environment.

Also, you can try easy camping meals for family during a family day out in the nearest home park. Spend half your day at the park or lakeshore and see how they react to the experience.

2. Research the right activities

It is important to know the day to hike, and the activities offered at the destination. To be safer, parents need to have potential ideas in case their kids get bored with the available activities. Plan ahead for different fun activities for the whole family, especially those that indulge your kids the most.

3. Allow your kids to pack

Let your children pack their food and camping gear: create a camping list. It is always advised to double-check your kids’ packing job every time they add something and before leaving home. Keep all the activities organized by directing your kids to put items in a duffle bag and return them to the same bag after use.

For easy identification, ensure each child uses different colored bags to store personal items. Create a camping checklist to give you a head start with your kids.

4. Carry their favorite toys

Bring at least two favorite toys and or games for your kids (toys should be minimum to create time for unstructured outdoor play). Children will always get something fun and more interesting things to play with and see at the campsite. You will be surprised how your kids will incorporate their day-to-day toys with the things and activities in the campground.

Children will always find a way to come up with their outdoor amusement. If you bring toys, ensure they can complement their outdoor play like a ball, magnifying glass, kite, binoculars, or flying disc.  Camping with your dog is also a great way to entertain your kids.

5. Embrace the dirt

Let’s face it; kids love playing in the dirty, especially when there are other kids on the ground. After all, camping is a place to get a little messy. Allow your kids to play a little extra. Combine effort with your kids to set up a hand-washing station or a small bucket with a soap dish to help remove dirt after a long day of playing.