April 25, 2024

According to a US survey in 2020 the worth of $35 million is caused by the charcoal grills and malfunctioning according according the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). In this survey almost 9000 homes caught in the fire because of grills every year. This grill fire caused hundreds of injuries and few deaths. According to this survey these grill incidents are on peak in the months of May, June and August. So I think after reading these stats your mind is clear how it is important to have grilling safety. People think burglar alarm installation is enough for the grilling safety, actually this is not. You can take a few more measures.

Clean the Grill Regularly

At the beginning of each grilling season, thoroughly and thoroughly clean any traces of grease or residue that may have stuck inside the grill. Also do a thorough cleaning of the outside, bearing in mind that your grill probably has a drip pan under the main grill area. We also suggest cleaning between each use to ensure that grease does not build up.

Place Grill on Safe Location

When setting up the grill, be sure to place it away from structures such as homes, garages, or sheds. Never use a grill indoors, on a balcony or inside the garage. Watch out for overhanging branches that could catch fire and spread quickly. Make sure the grill is on a flat surface and away from leaves or yard debris that could also be combustible for the fire. It is recommended to place it where you have burglar alarm installation.

Never Leave Grill Alone

All it takes is a second for grease to catch fire or a pet to tilt the grill for a catastrophic fire that engulfs your grill and home. Never leave the grill unattended and do not allow children to play around it.

Wear Suitable Clothes

Be aware of what you are using while grilling. Make sure your shirt tails, apron strings, or even sweatshirt strings are away from the flames.

Be Focused

It is always helpful to be prepared for the worst. This means having baking soda on hand to control a grease fire and a nearby fire extinguisher for other fires. If you don’t have a fire extinguisher, keep a bucket of sand near the grill. Never use water to put out a grease fire!