July 24, 2024

handheld GPS

In an ideal world, I always want to know where I am because I am able to navigate the landscape around me based on my knowledge of it, my ability to use the sun and the stars to find where I should be going, and being able to read a map. However, modern technology lets me have a backup whether it’s to double-check, in case of emergencies, or if it’s one of those days where a shortcut is really needed.

When I finally gave in to my husband’s demands to get a GPS, the question was, which one is the best handheld GPS for hiking for me and for my growing family. Do I want one only he and I can use, or one I can easily teach the kids to use too in case of emergencies? We’re pretty rugged and need tough equipment to keep up with us, so which ones could handle that?

After a lot of research, these are the best new handheld GPS devices on the market:

  1. eTrex (Garmin)
  2. Montana 680 Touchscreen GPS (Garmin)
  3. Rhino 750 (Garmin)
  4. Oregon 650t GPS (Garmin)
  5. Garmin 64st
  6. eTrex 10 (Garmin)
  7. eTrex 20x (Garmin)
  8. DeLorme InReach SE
  9. Back Track G2 (Bushnell)
  10. Foretex 401 (Garmin)

For a more in depth look at each one, including their pros and cons, take a look at this review of the best handheld GPS devices available.