June 23, 2024

Underwater shot of the hunter with spear gun in the lake


Underwater shot of the hunter with spear gun in the lake

Most of us like adventure a lot. We always wish one day we can take our adventure to the next level. Explore new things, have more fun and unique experiences. If you are someone with much interest in fishing, always going to the river to fish, some day you might get bored of throwing line in the water. You will wish to take your fishing adventure to another level.

Then you might start thinking of spearfishing. This entails more than throwing line in the water. It combines swimming in the ocean and hunting for fish. Sounds like a fun filled adventure right? Yes, it is but you need to understand some basic safety precautions before you go spearfishing.

This article will show you how to go spearfishing and be safe. We will also provide you the necessary information about spearfishing.

What Is Spearfishing ?


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Spearfishing is a type of fishing method that has been in existence since the ancient days. Throughout the world today, a lot of people see it as one of the best forms of fishing. It involves the use of pole-spear or speargun to hunt fish under water by diving and holding your breath.

A person that practices spearfishing is commonly known as spearo. They can also be called spearfisher or spearfisherman. Wondering why you should go spearfishing? Or why people practice spearfishing?

Why Go Spearfishing ?

If you are looking for one of the best ways to catch a fish, it is through spearfishing. You get to experience more fun and also develop your hunting skills. While in the ocean, you would have lots of fish to target. You become a predator, and this might make you feel great and delighted. You size up your targeted fish before you shoot at it.

When you catch a fish, you would feel a huge sense of accomplishment. You feel strongly connected to the ocean and its environment. Also, spearfishing can offer you exceptional chance to know how the meat you consume is treated.

Additionally, the joy of bringing fresh fish to your table kitchen from the ocean can not be ruled out. You would not have to go to the supermarket to purchase a fish before you can eat one. Sounds cool, right?

Where Can You Practice Spearfishing ?


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Salt or fresh water is one of the perfect places to go spearfishing. What is important is to make sure you are familiar with the law that guides the place. Comply with the rules and regulations; then you are good to go.

Make sure you know the number of prey you can predate on, the size and species. Also, know the type of equipment allowed and the ones that are not allowed.

The Danger Of Spearfishing


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No doubt, spearfishing can be dangerous if you are not very careful. This is not a way of discouraging you. It is just for you to know what you are venturing into. Some of the dangers attached to it are:

  • Wrong water entry can result in you injuring yourself with the spear or bashing against the rock
  • It can cause a permanent ear damage
  • You might get drown as a result of shallow water blackout
  • Swimming around with bloody fish might call on a shark.

These and many more dangers can be avoided if you can follow the basic rules and regulations. Your health and safety are very important. Here comes the question, how do I go spearfishing and be safe?

How To Go Spearfishing And Be Safe

You need to ensure that you have a fishing license of the area before you go spearfishing. Even though it seems like fun, spearfishing is more than jumping into the water and preying on fish. Make all necessary arrangements such as getting paperwork.

Below are the tips that could keep you safe while spearfishing.

  • Purchase The Perfect Equipment


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When purchasing equipment for spearfishing, you should avoid short cuts. There are times when nature would want to take its course while you are under water. Even though rare, it is inevitable. When this happens, you would need the best equipment to get to safety faster.

Buying high-quality equipment for your spearfishing adventure is the best. You will be able to avoid dangerous occurrence like speargun malfunction; the mask can crack and much more. Ensure that the equipment you are buying has been used by the various user and has great reviews.

Test your equipment before going into the water. Make sure they work perfectly.

Some of the basic equipment are a wetsuit, speargun, gloves, fins, fish carrier, touch, knife, mask, and much more.

  • Have A Complete Idea of Your Limits

Generally, we all like to explore new things. We would want to know more about the unknown. While in water, you might wish to go further than your usual distance and depth. It is good, but it is not a good idea. Know your usual depth when you dive. You can make use of a dive computer. It will show you all necessary information.

However, if you wish to go further and deeper, it is important that you take someone with experience along with you.

  • Embark On Fishing When You Are 100% Ready

Before going to the water to spearfish, you have to be 100% okay, mentally and physically. Do not force yourself to do what you are not capable of doing at a particular moment. Whether you have cold chest, you are under the influence of alcohol and much more, it is better to skip the adventure than to bear the consequences of unforeseen issues. Being miserable under water can be embarrassing and dangerous.

  • Your Catch Should Not Be With You

Carrying your catch with you especially when it has blood can be dangerous. It can draw the attention of dangerous preys like Shark. Ensure that anytime you make a kill, you put your catch in the boat. Also, you can put your catches in the real while you swim out of the water.

  • Do Not Load Your Speargun While Outside The Water

What do you think will happen if you load your weapon? There might be accidental discharge resulting in injuries. The same thing applies to your speargun. Keeping it loaded outside water can cause havocs.

It can result in damage and accident to you, your colleagues, family and much more. Treat it like you would treat a loaded gun. Keep it in a secure place where no one can reach.

Additionally, it is important that you plan ahead of your spearfishing adventure. Also, swimming with a buddy behind you is a great idea that might ensure safety. Your buddy would be able to watch your back to see if there is a danger or not.

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In a nutshell, above are the various steps showing you how to go spearfishing and be safe. You need to be careful. Make sure you don’t get stuck somewhere. Stay within your limit, unless you know what you are doing. Don’t go shark chasing underwater. Dive into the water, stuck and hunt a fish, and eat a fresh and delicious fish. So amazing!

In case, you have experience in spearfishing, your opinion and view will be appreciated. Kindly use the comment box. Also, if you find this article helpful, do not hesitate to share and leave a comment.

Article Written By; Harry Wilson