July 11, 2024


I know some individuals hear “out-door fitness” and think there is no way I can do that. Those people are crazy, they climb mountains or mountain bike through the woods without any trails or they are training for an Ironman contest. Although this is a true statement and there are individuals who do this, it does not mean you can’t get in some out-door fitness that is easy and enjoyable. Basically out-door fitness is getting outside and exerting some energy, read this post here. There are several activities you can do. For example, take your dog for a walk, enjoy a walk in the country, ride a bike to run a local errand, use a paddleboat for fishing once in a while or go canoeing or kayaking. These are just a few activities that are fun and get you some exercise in the process.

WalkingWalking your dog in the country is a win-win situation. Not only do you get some exercise but your pet also gets their exercise. Walking on an old country road or the abandoned logging road is much more peaceful than any ordinary walk around the town blocks. The soft and soothing sounds of the wilderness allows you to unwind mentally and actually makes it seem like you are not exercising at all. I would be foolish not to mention that your pet should have a flea collar or some type of protection from ticks and other bugs. I also suggest bringing your camera/camcorder or at least your cell phone because you never know what you will see. Just remember, ringer off on the cell phone.

MountainbikeIf you prefer to not ride your bike through the woods, then the country roads offer solid and clear passage without the hassle of town traffic. Find a country road loop or again old logging roads and enjoy the scenery and fresh air. You don’t have to weave in and out of trees to get the exercise you need; the more you pedal the more exercise you get. At the very least, take the bike to the store to pick up those couple of items or to the post office just don’t waste your expensive gas for these trivial errands.

canoeingCanoeing and kayaking provide excellent upper body workouts as well as good cardio. Again, if you have a waterproof camera/camcorder then make sure you bring it. The waterscape is breathtaking and refreshing. You never know what you will get a chance to film. I don’t know of many who do this, but using a paddleboat for fishing is great for your legs as well as the heart. Trust me, when engrossed in fishing, you really don’t notice how much exercise you are getting. Heck, take the family camping for the weekend and get out and just pedal your way around the lake for fun. A full day of activity mixed with a warm inviting campfire in one of the best fire pits makes for one great weekend and you also get the exercise you need.

As you can see, you don’t need to train for the ironman, unless you want to, to get your exercise just the want to get outside. So, get outside and enjoy!

Have a great time,
Tim Collins.