July 16, 2024
maintain your crossbow

When handling your crossbow , you shouldn’t only focus on how to use it, but how to clean and maintain it as well. This will ensure a longer lifespan and optimum performance when hunting. For those who are new here using a crossbow, you might be wondering about how to clean it right!

maintain your crossbow

Don’t worry, as I’ll be showing you a basic routine and steps to follow so you can clean your crossbow correctly and enjoy a clean and well-working one.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Crossbowmaintain your crossbow

  1. Use Bow Wax

All crossbows have strings and cables that would begin to wear out in time. To reduce the damage and wear-and-tear, wax the strings and cables. It should be waxed more so than the regular bows, as it has more weight once it’s drawn. Through regular waxing, you keep it strong for years!

  1. Lube the Rails

Keep the crossbow rail lubed every 100 shots at the most. Avoid using too much lube, as it would wear out the center serving of its string. Do not use petroleum jelly, but an oil-based lube that would dry fast and not collect any dirt.

  1. Oil Your Triggers

Crossbows have their triggers and a safety mechanism. You will only need to do this once a year, but place a few drops of oil on the crossbow’s trigger mechanism, as well as its safety slide. Ir prevents rust or freezing up, ensuring safety and protection when in use.

  1. Tighten the Crossbow

A crossbow has a lot of vibration which would loosen up its parts and make it susceptible to falling off or creating noise. This is why after using it, make sure that you tighten its nuts and bolts in all parts of the crossbow.

  1. Reduce Its Vibration

maintain your crossbow

Like what I mentioned, a crossbow creates an excessive vibration when drawn, which would create noise or damage it over time. So you may want to consider investing in nose and vibration-reducing accessories that will make it easier to maintain.

  1. Keep It In a Case

Once you have successfully cleaned and maintained your crossbow, keep it inside a case for safekeeping. This will prevent any dust or dirt collection. Keep it in a case with a hard shell to avoid taking a beating when traveling.

In Conclusion

maintain your crossbow

And there you have it! I hope I helped you become more knowledgeable on how to clean your crossbow and use it for a good hunt. So don’t wait any longer and start keeping your crossbow clean and ready for your next hunt today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences on how to clean a crossbow, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

Article Written By; Victor Riordion