April 24, 2024

It’s often been said that good fences make good neighbors and that’s because it delineates your property from your neighbor’s. It keeps you from fighting because you know what is yours and they know what is theirs. Even the Bible, in the book of Proverbs, warns against moving the ancient boundary stones to encroach on the fields of another.

The takeaway? Fences are good and serve a useful purpose.

There are two sides to everything though, including fencing. This is especially true if you live outside of town or in an area where there are a lot of wild animals roaming around. There is so much new stuff coming out all the time that it’s hard to keep up with it all but new and improved fencing is one thing you really need to know about.

Safe Fencing

Any fence you install needs to be safe for all concerned, including the animals. You want to keep them out of your property, garden, and so on and you want to do it without hurting the animal in the process. A lot of fences, with big gaps in the mesh or wire, do exactly the opposite. They entangle and trap the animal.

Well, you can. Moreover, you can do both at the same time.

Since animals don’t have our cognitive abilities, they panic. They struggle wildly and wind up injuring themselves worse than if they’d just waited to be set free. It is perfectly fine to set up a fence to keep animals out of your garden or whatever, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it without hurting them in the process? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if you could do it without putting up a big ugly fence that blocks your view of the natural beauty around you?

Critter Fence

High strength plastic fences with two-inch mesh sizes are the perfect answer to your needs. Rolls of this fencing material can be installed using trees as fence posts. The material flexes without breaking as the trees grow or sway in the wind. It won’t hurt the trees either. You can unroll two rolls of fencing, one above the other but overlapping, to create a 10 or even 15-foot high barrier that deer can’t jump over.

The fence strands are so thin they are hard to see from 15 feet away and nearly invisible from 25 feet away. This lets you enjoy an unimpeded view of nature while still keeping deer and other animals off your lawn and out of your garden.


Because the fence is so lightweight, you can remove it and roll it up when the growing season is over or when it’s time to rototill your garden. Letting the deer roam around the garden during the winter ensures they’ll have something to eat without requiring a lot of back-breaking labor on your part.

Then, when spring returns, you can put it back up as quickly and easily as you took it down. This removable feature is also good for the fence itself, keeping it out of temperature extremes that will eventually weaken any material. This will extend the usable life of the fence.

A Non-Electric Fence That Works

There aren’t any electronic components that can fail, no wiring to connect or protect from the weather, and no danger to you or your family. This fence gives you an option for keeping your children safe.

Large running animals will often plow right through an electric fence on sheer momentum. Even if they don’t break it completely it will be damaged and may not work anymore. This leaves you vulnerable to the next large animal that comes along. This thin plastic mesh fencing avoids all those shortcomings. It is so strong it will stop a deer running at full speed. When they run into it, it will stretch without breaking. It might even bounce them back with its recoil. It will still be there, ready to repel the next animal that comes charging along

Proven Track Record

Best of all, these fences have a proven track record of success for over 20 years. Nothing succeeds like success, as the saying goes and these fences have it where it counts.

The final touch is the low cost. These fences are built to last and they cost less per foot than conventional fences. This lets you fence in a larger area for less money than it would take to install a permanent fence that blocks your view. That’s a deal that can’t be beaten.