April 24, 2024

A survival expert isn’t an actual occupation; it isn’t a degree or certification that you receive after completing a certain amount of college credits or semester hours. A survival expert is an individual that has developed skills to keep them alive when they don’t have access to the modern amenities that we have grown so accustomed to. Survival experts are deemed experts because they harness a set of knowledge, skills, and capabilities that an extensive amount of preparation and practice has developed within them. These skills will undoubtedly save and extend their lives should they find themselves stranded and alone in the wilderness or any survival situation.

Although you will need some basic survival tools, such as a Ruger 10/22, a survivalist knows that planning and preparation are the real keys to survival. Even if you don’t have all of the nicest, most expensive equipment, a little improvising can get you a long way. Training and repetition will help individuals discover new ways to improvise and utilize the environment around them. A true survivalist knows that the old phrase “where there’s a will, there’s a way” stands very true when stranded and alone. Will power itself can propel you farther than you think. A good foundation of knowledge and experience in the field will also help you survive.

Survival experts have the uncanny ability to anticipate current threats, coming events, and changing weather patterns; while simultaneously processing how this data may impact their current condition/situation. Survival experts don’t have time to hesitate, they must remain vigilant and decisive at all times. They must recognize the best move to make and act upon this decision in a timely manner. This mental processing, as well as acknowledging the psyche behind what is going on mentally as a reaction to physical elements and influences, is critical in surviving. Survivalist must recognize their own tendencies to react in manners that are less conducive to survival and counteract accordingly. For instance, a survivalist knows that even though they are trying to escape the woods and return home, it is a better decision to establish shelter during nightfall and wait until daylight to resume rescue efforts.

So, how can you obtain the knowledge and abilities to become a survival expert?

There are many different types of survival experts, from many diverse walks of life, but most of them arrived at this level of expertise through three main methods: military survivalist training, professional outdoor skills training, or disciplined self sought knowledge and practice. Military survival training is very in-depth, top of the line training as it is literally designed to train individuals going into life and death situations knowingly. Other forms of “Bushcraft” training also offer a chance to learn from survival professionals in the field. Of course, disciplined self-training is always an option, as with any desired new skill, but the keyword here is discipline. Let’s elaborate.

Military Survival Training

Survival training is a necessary facet of military preparation. Military individuals face life and death situations on regular basis and are often at risk of being stranded. They must not only know how to survive as units but also as individuals. Many of these training sessions last weeks or even months. They encompass subjects ranging from water survival, survival and evasion techniques, basic sustenance and nutrition, wound care, and more. Much of the military training is taught under the pretense of escaping and surviving until rescue. This is a good pretense if someone knows that you are missing, but keep in mind that that may not always be the case.

Professional Outdoor Skills Training

But what if you’re not interested in dedicating a few years to Uncle Sam or serving in the military just isn’t feasible? In that case, Many people should just hire an outdoor skills instructor as this is a great way to learn from a professional in the field. Hiring a trusted expert to teach you the necessary skills and knowledge needed in becoming a survival expert yourself could save you a ton of time. You’ll want to ensure that your instructor is accessible; so likely they will need to either be a local hire or someone that you don’t mind commuting do during your survival training. Additionally, ensure that you’re hiring a trustworthy source, read reviews, look them up! There are vetting websites that will ensure the trustworthiness of “for hire” services as well as offering consumer reviews from previous clientele. Finally, check out what background/experience they have that validates them as a survival expert.

Disciplined Self Study and Practice

If you are the type of disciplined person that can set their mind to something and stick with it, self-study and practice may work for your survival training needs. Self-study would consist of gathering books, articles, and videos that cover necessary skills and knowledge on survival topics like water purification, setting up shelter, wound tending, etc. Additionally, after you’ve read, studied, and reviewed the data, you would need to apply these skills practically. Ensure that if this is the route that you decide to take that you apply all practical skills in a safe environment as you are gaining valuable experience but not yet ready to apply weaker skills in actual survival situations.

In A Nutshell, there are different avenues to becoming a survival expert yourself. For the majority of us out here, hiring an Outdoor Skills Instructor allows us to maximize both time and effort. Hiring a trusted expert to teach you the necessary skills and knowledge needed in becoming a survival expert ensure you are covering all bases, getting hand on hand training, and saving yourself time and effort researching redundant information. Outdoor Skills Instructors can also direct you on what survival equipment is really necessary as well as back up and secondary methods.