May 27, 2024

Average Hunter attended the 2014 ATA in Nashville to check out all the new products coming to the market. This is part two of a series to highlight the better ones that we saw there all of which are all small companies trying to live the dream.

As mentioned, we focused our attention at the ATA at the new companies. Below and a few future articles (in no particular order) you will find a bunch of products we felt will either be a real benefit to you in the outdoors or just a whole lot of fun. Please take a minute and go to there websites and give them all a chance.

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Share Your Hunt

Actions cams are nothing new as we all know and many are coming up with creative ways to mount these cameras on your bow.  But a lot of those mounts get heavy and awkward on your bow.  Tactcam has come up with a camera  and mount that simply replaces your stabilizer on your bow so you hardly notice its there.  That’s cool and all buts its not what impressed me the most about this camera.  It was the video quality.  Most action cams don’t record in a flat view.  They all give you a bubble look as they are trying to squeeze in as much area as possible.  The Tactacam records great video just like you would see from a regular handheld.

Check out Tactacam and watch their videos and other accessories on their website at




This is one of those products that you may see in the store and walk right past without even looking.  I did it at the ATA a couple times before I stopped.  You watch that pic to the right and wonder what the heck is this.  I thought the same thing.  But when I realized what it did, I thought it was absolutely brilliant.  Ok, you’re in the stand and you see a buck walk out 100 or even 400 yards out from you.  You pull out your grunt tube and give a couple shouts and the bucks looks your way, stands there for a minute and the walks away.  We have all been there right.  What do you think will happen when that buck looks the way of that sound and sees a white tail flipping in the air?  You got it, now he sees what he thinks is another deer and here he comes.  Its so simple but yet has to be amazingly effective.  I will for sure have one of these next season.

View the Tattle Tail at


ARC Outdoor Gear

The most compact, functional, and versatile outdoor products on the market.

ARC Outdoor Gear is working hard to provide all of us in the outdoors with a wide range of versatile tools we all need.  Everything they produce is all based on a modular design to allow compact storage and a strong stable tool that should be in everyone’s pack.  The part I like the most is the blade and saw attachments.  Although they are designed, pattened and built by ARC Outdoor Gear, they still offer the ability to use any standard reciprocating saw blade you can get at any store.  But my favorite item on there list is the Extend-A-Limb.  Turn any long straight tree or limb into a pole saw

ARC Outdoor Gear offers many products for our outdoor needs.  Check them all out at


QQ Archer

Universal Support Leg

Here is another one of the products you look at and think to yourself that its just not going to work before you even know what it is.  And again, I thought the same thing and again I was totally wrong.  How many of you like to keep your bow in your hand while your in the tree or on the ground but you don’t want to rest it on your cams or you don’t want have it on your lap which makes you move a lot to get ready for a shot.  This is a very lightweight extendable single pole that keeps the bow in a safe and ready position in your hand and doesn’t affect the shot.  It adjusts to any height so its always ready and collapses totally out of the way when you don’t need it.

Check out the different options and learn more them at


ProMaster Outdoor Products

Fine Line Rear Bow Sight

Torquing our bow is the biggest causes of bad shots.  A lot of bows are easy to get out of alignment simply on how the grip sits in your hand.  The ProMaster Fine Line Rear Bow Sight isn’t a sight at all.  Its a very simple to use alignment tool.  With this attached to your bow using standard mounting holes, it quickly easily helps you take a perfect shot every time.  Keep all your pins between the strings and you are all lined up.  Made out of high impact plastic, its lightweight and won’t mess up your shot.

Find more about ProMaster Outdoor Products and check out a bunch more of their handy products at