May 27, 2024
ground blind hunting tips

Bow hunters nowadays are more interested in hunting from the eye level. They prefer bow hunting from the ground blind rather than a tree stand. This is because ground blinds provide them with ease of use, avoid problematic landscapes and also provide them with comfort.

Ground blinds provide unlimited concealment, are easy to set up anywhere and also are portable in size. They help block wind and rain which might be disturbing for any bow hunter. This improves your odds of success and also helps you hunt for a longer time. A ground blind is especially useful in places where there aren’t any trees around, but animal activity there is frequent. A ground blind needs no tree for setup purposes.

But hunting from a ground blind is very different from a tree stand. Thus we have compiled a list of advanced ground blind hunting tips for Bow hunters. Here are some tips that might come in handy.

ground blind hunting tips

Choosing the perfect blind

The most important part of any hunt is choosing the right ground blind. There are basically 2 types of enclosed ground blinds: Hub-style and frame-style. Most bow hunters will prefer a hub-style ground blind. Hub-style ground blinds are very tightly fit like drums. There is no unwanted movement or flapping from heavy wind due to this. They also come with a window and customizable options for concealment. Hub-style ground blinds have a spacious interior as they are bowed outwards. This also gives you enough space to draw a bow. The interior height also has to be just perfect enough for you to keep your head up straight and shoot from the window of the blind. Hub-style ground blinds are easier to set-up and place on tough terrains. Always try to make sure there is no interference or bow contact with the blind while drawing the bow.

Properly placing a ground blind

If you want to be successful in bow hunting from a ground blind, proper placement of the blind is a must. Always set up your ground blind downwind of travel routes if you are after the big game. 20-25 yards away from the trail is perfect for bow hunting. Setting up a distance from you hunt keeps you safe from harm as well. Sky lining the blind on a ridge or hill top is never a good idea. Always try to position your blind when in cover.

Setting up a bow

Set up your bow appropriately, if you are planning on bow hunting from your blind for long hours. Always use a short stabilizer coupled with an axle-to-axle bow as space can be limited for some. A compact bow though perfect for hunting from a ground blind, should not interfere with your maneuverability and accuracy or a hunting crossbows as seen on

An electronic rheostat can be used to brighten up your pins, as they are not as bright when hunting from a ground blind.

Lower the draw weight of your bow, if you are new to bow hunting from a ground blind.

Practicing how to shoot

Always practice shooting with a bow from a kneeling or shooting position, when planning on shooting from a ground blind. Most bow hunters are used to shooting from a standing position, so getting used to shooting from a kneeling position usually takes time. Try to practice from inside your ground blind. Ground blinds don’t have that big of windows, so make sure you are able to shoot through small windows. It might be a bit problematic at first, but practice will actually make you perfect.

ground blind hunting tips

Dressing appropriately before bow hunting from a ground blind

Even when you are hidden from sight when hunting from a ground blind, it is necessary to use camouflage techniques. Try wearing dark clothes, they help you better hide. Some dark face paint, a black mask, a black hat are some of the basic things that will help you to conceal yourself inside a ground blind. Practice some scent control, as your ground blind is not scent-proof. You can get any with any kind of movement when you are dressed darkly. Some dark hand gloves can also be used to conceal your hands.


Bow hunting from a ground blind is both an exhilarating and effective way of hunting. Get yourself the best ground blind available in the market. The advanced ground blind hunting tips given above have been specially compiled here for bow hunters. We sincerely hope these tips will come in handy and make your experience of bow hunting from ground blind worthwhile.

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