April 25, 2024

A Floating mat or water carpet is the best way for water recreation your with kids


Want to have unlimited fun on this summer vacation? Then try a floating mat on the beach. Trust me; you will have an outstanding vacation ever. If you still don’t know about the floating mat, you are missing a lot. You have a scope to spend the time with the floating mats and do adventure or spend a relaxing time.

The water carpets are now a trending water accessory among adults and kids. Kids just love this mat as it is far better than a water tube. You will not have to worry about getting flooded with water when you are relaxing with the mat. For water lovers, this water carpet is highly recommended.

Benefits for kids:

Water tubes or different pool toys require pumping before going to the water. The pumping task is not easy and quick. But with the floating mat, you just jump into the water without doing any pumping job. The cell foams are used for lounging. Just sitting over the mat on the cozy water helps you to stay relaxed and calm for the whole day, especially kids will love the adventure.

Let’s talk about the benefits of this floating carpet:

·        As I told before, this mat doesn’t need any kind of inflation to stay floating on the water. Some foams make the mat float in the water. So, you will not need an extra pump.

·        If you compare with the other pool mats, you will find water mats high in quality and long-lasting.

·        The best thing about the carpet is it is easy to carry and store anyplace anywhere you want. Because the mat is light.

The mats are best for kids as they have all kids’ friendly features. Because:

·        The mat comes with non-tear and high-quality feature which ensures safety. The material also promises high stability in the water.

·        You can choose any sizes as they come in different sizes.

·        The mat has a weight capacity feature. Make sure to check the weight capacity per your kids’ weight.

The right way to use a floating mat:

You have to use the water carpet in clear water surface that has no stumbling blocks. Check the water depth that helps you to climb on the mat with ease. Avoid the water area where the boat is used.

While unrolling the mat, find the safe area where you can unroll and tie it with rope or anchor just to keep it secured in one place.

What to know before using the floating mat:

Here is some information that will help you to understand while you are using the floating mat. They are:

·        A float can bear from 1300 to 1500 pound.

·        Determine the capacity of the mat while purchasing.

·        Do not tow the water mat behind any boat.

·        Avoid using this mat before dawn, after sunset, and in the thunderstorm.

·        Do not swim under the floating mat.

Cautions or safety instructions while the kid is in water:

I know swimming is fun, especially for kids, but you have to ensure safety when they are in the water. Every year more than 600 kids drown only for careless steps. Sadly, all these incidents happen in front of parents in the backyard pool. Every parent needs to learn water-safety tips and the quick treatment process. Here is the advice:

·        When your kid is in the water, do not dare to leave her alone or take your eyes off. It just takes 25 seconds to get drowned. Stay in the water with your kid and supervise him. When your kid learns to float and can swim to long distance, then you don’t need down there. But still, you have to keep an eye on him continuous.

·        Keep your phone silent or if possible, leave the phone in your room when you are at the beach. Because the phone is a distracting device and you will not be able to keep an eye on your kid.

·        Do not have full trust in the floating mats, water tube, or any other inflatable toys. Because they are not life preserver. Stay with your baby when they are on these floating mats. The only safe floating accessory is a life jacket. When your baby is first on the water, use the life jacket for safety.

·        Give your kid swimming lesson. Look for the best and trusted one.

·        If you have two kids, pair them up when they are in the water and of course under guardian supervision.

·        Keep a childproof lock and door sensor in the pool gate to stop entering strangers.

·        Don’t let kids play the breath-holding game. Kids can’t hold the breath for a long time. This causes drowning and other risks. Tell them about the danger of this game and make them understand.

·        Kids get injured when they jump or dive in the water. Teach them the way to enter the pool.


·        Make sure there is no drainage area in the pool as they may work as an obstacle while swimming.

·        Every parent has to learn CPR. When the accident happens, the ambulance takes time to reach in the spot. At that time, the primary treatment is CPR. You have to do the CPR until the ambulance arrives. So, to know CPR is a must.


If you are not using the water carpet, then you have missed lots of fun in your life. You can spend hours relaxing and enjoy with your family just floating with the mat in the water. If you love water, then this mat is just for you. You can play, run and jump on this mat, and you can just lay down the whole day without no worries. But you have to check out the quality, durability, and size before picking one. If you ask my recommendation, then I will recommend lily pad float. This float is an all-rounder and best for kids also. I hope this guide will help you to pick the best one and enjoy your summer vacation on the fullest.