June 12, 2024

Being in a college is fun, but yet it is a very stressful period. Millions of young people are reporting facing various academic issues that led to anxiety, depression, and other symptoms. Most of them really need
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However, real success can’t be reached if you are experiencing academic burnout or neglect your physical and mental health. That’s why living an active lifestyle is so important!

Constant stress can hurt students’ physical and emotional health, academic performance, and overall well-being. Most often stress in college is caused by the fact that students are experiencing an increased workload, significant changes in their lifestyle and environment, new responsibilities, and problems related to interpersonal relationships.

Now, when we know the main causes, let’s look at some stats:

  • 45% of students are seeking counseling because of stress;
  • the majority of common physical and emotional symptoms students are facing are caused by an inability to manage stress;
  • over 50% of the US students report being so stressed they didn’t even want to hang out with their friends.

As you can see, it is a pressing issue. Extreme levels of stress can ruin a student’s productivity, performance, and self-esteem. That’s why it is so important for everyone to know about some effective coping strategies.

How to Cope with Stress: Active Lifestyle in College

Of course, there are plenty of techniques that help people manage stress. For example, engaging in arts is known for having a positive impact on mental health. Another common method includes meditation, which also can be pretty helpful.

However, speaking of college students, is there anything that can help them reduce stress regularly? Luckily, there is a solution that can help! Mental wellbeing starts with physical health. These two terms are closely connected. This fact explains why people engaged in active lifestyles are less likely to suffer from stress.

What benefits do students get from regular physical activity? Here are some of the key pros:

  • ensuring healthy development and growth;
  • developing vital skills;
  • improving self-esteem and boosting confidence;
  • helping feel more relaxed;
  • it is fun!

As you can see, having an active lifestyle can benefit you in numerous ways. Now, what activities are suited best for college students? There are plenty of joyful and beneficial activities ideas. Here are some of our favorite ones:


Sometimes, the best way to cope with issues is to walk them off, and that’s when hiking can do you a huge favor!

Heading out into the beautiful nature with friends or alone can be a perfect cure to most of your academic issues. Besides, hiking offers you plenty of social, physical, and mental benefits:

  • It makes you feel happier. One study shows that hiking has helped high-risk suicide patients overcome depression, feel happier, and find hope;
  • It improves your overall health and helps to build muscles;
  • Helps to lose and maintain a healthy weight;
  • according to the study, hiking boosts your creativity;
  • It has a positive effect on the overall mental wellbeing;
  • It can boost your social life.

These are just some of the most significant benefits of hiking, and there is much more to it!


Another fun activity that benefits anyone is kayaking. We bet that students will enjoy this extreme activity and the benefits it brings:

  • It can be both exhilarating and peaceful, which makes this activity suitable for everyone;
  • It helps to increase muscle strength;
  • It improves cardiovascular fitness;
  • It is a great way to make friends if you join a kayaking club;
  • It is fun!


Discovering new cultures and places is always exciting. Traveling is not only fun but also helps us have a more active lifestyle.

The benefits of traveling have been proven numerous times. First of all, it expands your horizons and helps to find new perspectives. Also, traveling is great for mental health. Every adventure makes you feel happier and combat stress.

Snowboarding and Skiing

Winter outdoor activities can be an excellent option. Snowboarding and skiing are perfect ideas for winter holidays. Both sports contribute to improving physical and mental health.


The scooter or electric bike can be a great option for outdoor activity. It’s fun and very easy to learn. There is a lot of options for all ages and heights. If you are a college student and love stunt, there is a huge option for you, many scooter brands are making stunt/pro scooters. And many of the scooters are adjustable, you can easily adjust with your height. I found Scooter Review Online very helpful for finding the right scooter. You can see other reviews from youtube or blogs.


If you are living on the beachside, then surfing may be just the right option for you! Many students from warm states go surfing regularly and get plenty of benefits. They generally become healthier, both physically and mentally, and it is much more fun than staying at home.

These are just a few ideas of fun outdoor activities that will help you have a healthier and more active lifestyle, meanwhile contributing to creating memories and having fun.

Among other activities that college people can enjoy are sky-diving, sailing, rock climbing, rafting, etc. The main goal is to stay active and ready for an adventure. Then, you will easily cope with stress and stay healthy in college!

Final Words

College period is the time when teens are getting more mature, developing their personalities, and re-thinking their values. In addition, they have to stay focused and handle a large academic load. Together, this all often makes young people push themselves to the limits, which results in increased levels of stress that are barely manageable.

Therefore, taking decent care of physical and mental health is especially crucial during this transition. Having an active lifestyle can be helpful in many ways. Being open to new experiences and activities helps reduce the levels of stress, increases focus and motivation, and gives you a burst of positive emotions.