May 20, 2024
Glacier Tours
Above and Beyond’s Mendenhall Glacier Tours

Discover the Magnificence of Alaska with Above and Beyond’s Mendenhall Glacier Tours

Experience the beauty of nature in its most captivating form—wild and rugged! The challenge of Above and Beyond Alaska’s Mendenhall Glacier Tour requires a determination and resolve found innately within the avid adventurer. If that spirit is in you, then this trek should be on your immediate bucket list.

The journey starts with a 4-mile hike through the Tongass National Forest, a forest blanketed in dense greenery and wild plant life. The gorgeous vistas will quickly draw you in, welcoming you as if you have been transported to uncharted territory. The intoxicating touch of freedom and pure fresh air are guaranteed to help alleviate the doldrums of city living.

The Mendenhall glacier hike is strenuous and does require a good combination of balance and awareness. A capable and steady foot will serve you well in this stretch of land as the terrain does contain steep, cragged, and slippery paths. The trek is expected to run roughly 2-2.5 hours but depending on your needs the trek can be adjusted, faster or slower, and if that is necessary privately guided tours are available.

Once you clear the forest, the next step of the journey comes into obvious and spectacular view – the glacier. Traversing this magnificent and glorious formation of ice and rock should be on the top of any adventurer’s bucket list. Escape to a completely unique experience as you scale the vast array of glacial features that include moulins, crevasses and ice caves. Stand in awe of the river of ice coursing behind the glacier. Take in the raw splendor of the megalith formations. There is no shortage of the wonderfully majestic scenic views on the Mendenhall Glacier hike.

Every trek is different due to the ever-changing nature of the glacier. So, while not all features may be available from one trek to the next, there is plenty to explore and so much to experience. This part of the exploration is reserved for about 1-2 hours of the trip. Equipment would be provided such as micro-spikes for proper traction and trekking poles for additional support to use among the blanket of white and icy blue structures. This is truly an experience unlike any other and one that draws in the daring, bold, and adventure that defines Alaska with the skill and safety of well-trained guides.

Above and Beyond Alaska Wilderness Trips is an independent and locally owned company with the passion, knowledge, and dedication to offer the best adventure tours. The Mendenhall Glacier tour is a must see for any visitor in Juneau who wishes to experience an exotic and breathtakingly beautiful landscape and encounter the rush of the Alaskan spirit. Leave behind the mundane and experience another level of adventure. Go beyond with this out of the ordinary tour. Discover the mystique of Alaska and heighten your sense of adventure and exploration. Talk to an expert today and plan the ultimate wilderness experience. What are you waiting for? For more information go to