July 16, 2024
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Have you embraced the inner hunter this year? Do you want to go on a hunting expedition with friends and need to buy a new rifle?

If your answer is yes, then this post will surely catch your interest!!!!

We have come up with the 9 best rifles for you that will make your hunt much more interesting so let’s get into it.

Browning X-Bolt Target McMillan

Particularly, built on the Browning’s X-Bolt action and fitted with a 28-inch bull barrel, this rifle is nestled in McMillian’s excellent A3-5 stock. The rifle weighs about 9 ½ pounds, inclusive of the combined weight of an effective muzzle brake. It is chambered in 6.5 Creed, which makes it a natural for long-range targets.

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The gun has a narrow focus that provides accuracy. Its .945-inch group average is not at all shabby. Hence, it is the perfect choice for such a light price tag.

Colt Competition CRP-18N

Undoubtedly, the 22 Nosler is one of the year’s best new cartridges, yet the Colt Competition is one of the first gun makers to chamber for it. It jacks up .22 caliber performance in AR-15 sized receivers by necking down the 6.8 Rem. SPC.

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The performance boost versus the .223 Rem. is really very impressive. With 77-gr. bullets, the 22 Nosler gains about 400 fps over the .223. In this rifle, the round is extremely accurate. The rifle has a crisp 3 ½ pound trigger, along with a well­designed muzzle brake, and a comfortable hand guard.

This versatile rifle will perfectly work well in the competition, and for staking out the coyotes and the stalking deer.

Bergara B-14 HMR

The Bergara has always been a renowned name when it comes to rifles and yet it came up with another masterpiece, i.e. B-14 HMR, that also got the Editor’s Choice award in the rifle category. Everything in this rifle is just amazing and as a tactical hunter hybrid, it is just a perfect option for you.

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Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, this is a tack driver with a lot of nice features at a really affordable price. Though it is not very lightweight, this is a rifle that one can use in any competition.

Savage B-17

With a much appealing price tag, the .17 HMR is a strong contender for a Great Buy award based on its price alone. This sweet little bolt gun is a heck of a value for anyone looking for a fun rimfire plinker.

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It is also very lightweight, that touches over 6 pounds only. The rifle is also very handy to wield and possess good ergonomics. The 20-inch barrel features button rifling and delivers perfect accuracy. With accuracy like that in a fast-handling configuration, squirrels and varmints make it a good option for anyone.

The metalwork of this rifle is not that fancy but nothing is just perfect, right?

Cooper M92 Backcountry

This rifle is just perfect for the mountains as it is light, durable, and perfectly accurate. Also, it balances just like a fine shotgun. It just weighs under 6 pounds. The carbon fiber stock is really very stiff and ultra-light. The deep spirals in the bolt body and the hollowed out bolt handle save the grams.C:\Users\Lenovo\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Cooper M92 Backcountry.jpg

Also, the 24-inch barrel is tipped with an effective spiral patterned muzzle brake. The Jewel trigger, with a 1 pound 2 ounce pull, is very light for a hunting rifle.

Montana Rifle Company MSR

The Montana Rifle Company takes its pride on its Western cred, turning out the stylish, hardworking guns at a very fair price. The MSR is a promising one that is chambered in the hot 6mm Creedmoor and delivers perfect accuracy off the bench.

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Though, it has some feeding and cycling issues with the way the cartridges fed from the detachable box magazines. However, the rifle is constructed with top-notch quality.

Anschtuz 1781

This rifle is perfect when it is used in open sights to shoot small metal targets offhand at 100 yards. The rifle takes the level of shooting game very high. The way this rifle comes up and hits makes it an expert hunting tool.

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All of the components on this rifle exude best in class quality, but the best part is its seamless metalwork and excellent trigger, which adjusts quite smoothly. The thumbhole stock that comes as an optional upgrade was the only sticking point on the rifle. It is right-handed and adds several hundred dollars to the gun’s price, yet makes it uncomfortable for lefties to use and a bit less versatile for righties, who sometimes need to shoot from their off shoulder.

The recoil lug of this rifle has a floating tab in the middle of it that the front action screw threads into. Because the tab has a bit of wiggle, and because the threads are set at an angle, when you tighten the guard screw, the action is pulled rearward, flush against the metal bedding block, for a secure stock-to-action fit that ensures peak accuracy.

It is one of the finest pieces for you!!

Mossberg Patriot Revere

Stocked with handsome walnut that has been upgraded with some elegant touches, this rifle turns heads as no Mossberg has before. The performance of this rifle cannot compensate for its looks. The rifle functions perfectly well. The 2 ¾ pound trigger is very consistent.

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By design, the action has a lot of play in the bolt, but it feeds, cycles, and ejects smoothly. The control, everything from the two position safety to the tab on the detachable polymer magazine are generously sized.

Remington 700 Magpul

The Remington 700 action in Magpul’s Hunter stock is another perfect example of a rifle that hits the tactical hunting sweet spot. The accuracy from this .260 is very impressive. The stock consists of an aluminum bedding block and adjusts for length of pull with included spacers.

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As, with other heavy rifles­, this one tipped the scales at 9 pounds and you will need a strong back to carry it through the woods all day. It is very much durability and reliability, thus making it one of a good choice.

So these were the 9 best rifles that you can buy at a discount from Bass Pro coupon and step up your hunting game with the perfection.