June 23, 2024
unique hunting grounds

Some say that hunting is a sport, an interesting hobby that one can take on from time to time. However, to some people hunting is a lifestyle and they spend every moment they can spare chasing their prey, no matter what it is. Depending on your hunting appetites and how much free time you’ve got, there are many diverse hunting grounds that you can visit to invigorate your senses and hone your hunting skills. Here are some of the best ones on the entire planet that will definitely satiate your hunger for adventure and some danger.

1.    Cambodia

unique hunting grounds

Let’s start with some exotic destinations and then work our way home. For a very long time, Cambodia has been off the map when it comes to hunting, but it all changed eight years ago when the government opened the door for all hunting enthusiasts again. The beauty of hunting in this country is that there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer to go easy and soak in the view as well as hunting, or you’re more of a thrill chaser, in which case, Cambodia will be an experience you’ll never forget. While some come here to go orchid hunting (yes, it’s a thing), others go tarantula hunting and it’s not for the fainthearted. If big game is your game, then there are jungle expeditions you can take on to try your luck in hunting different dangerous reptiles and even elephants if you can find them.

2.    Talkeetna, Alaska

Thanks to its harsh climate, Alaska still has plenty to offer to eager hunters, as long as you remember to do things responsibly and not endanger its eco-systems. Bears, wolves, moose, and many other species can be found in Alaska, and some of them you’re allowed to hunt throughout the year. If you’re into fishing, this is the place to be too, especially if you’re interested in salmon, for which the peak season is from May through September. When it comes to hunting bears, be careful not to bite off more than you can chew because they can grow incredibly big here and if they’re irritable, you really don’t want to mess with them unless you know what you’re doing. If moose is more in your range, then August and September are the best time for your hunting trip.

3.    Tanzania

unique hunting grounds

Another popular destination for hunters has always been Tanzania, seeing it’s got a plethora of exotic animals that can’t be found in many places. Usually, people come here for hunting lions, which is a high-risk thrill, seeing that it can endanger both the lives of the hunters and the entire ecosystem that lacks predators, which is why it’s important to be careful. Bringing plenty of food and even more clean drinkable water will be a must if you want to be at your best, and you will need to be at the top of your game if you’re to chase after lions. Selous Game Reserve is by far the most popular hunting grounds, and you’ll find anything and everything here – from gerenuk to rhinos and buffalos. Your other options can be Ugalla and Mkomazi Game Reserve for Rhinos, depending on what you want to hunt.

4.    Rapid City, South Dakota, USA

We’re closer to home with this hunting ground, but that doesn’t mean that the thrill is gone, on the contrary. Black Hills region around Rapid City offers many opportunities to enjoy hunt nationally and still be at home in time for Sunday dinner. If you’re a fishing aficionado (a-fish-ionado if you will), then you’ll have a great time fishing for trout and brook in mountain streams and lakes. If you still prefer to go hunting for wildlife, then you have your options open throughout the year – deer, pheasants, elk, sharp-tails and even coyotes abound in this area so all you have to do is choose your prey and remember to be considerate toward the environment, so that you have a wonderful hunting ground to come back to.

5.    Belarus

unique hunting grounds

If you’re interested in going east to see what the hunting potentials there are, you will not be disappointed. The winters in this area are harsh, but hunters all over the world have decided to ignore it for the sake of the prey that’s at stake. The European Bison can easily be found in the forests of Belarus, along with other game like deer and wolves, but if you’ve come for the European bison, you’ll want to go to the south of the country, anytime from October to March. If bison is still too much to handle, then you can visit during the deer season, which lasts from May to November and as for the wolves, well, they’re running rampant in the forests, so the hunt is on throughout the year.

6.    Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

We can’t talk about unique hunting grounds without mention Appleton, which prides in its hunting traditions. If you’re a fisherman, you’re in the right place, if you’re a hunter, the same applies to you. Green Bay is quite close and it is fisherman’s paradise, seeing that you can catch as much smallmouth bass that you can carry, and don’t forget about Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area that is the largest freshwater marsh in the US. If we’re talking about hunting, then think grouse, bears, and deer but don’t forget about the amazing whitetail deer that is the trade mark of Appleton and the coveted prize of many hunters that go to this Wisconsin trip.

7.    Windhoek, Namibia

unique hunting grounds

There are so many wondrous places that you can visit in Africa, but if you’re keen to go on a hunting trip, then seeing what Windhoek has to offer will be worth your while. Namibia is deemed to be the best place for all safari lovers, both because nature is spectacular and the wildlife is diverse. Hunting enthusiasts love Windhoek in particular because it’s a great mix of a relaxed vacation and exciting hunting adventure and if you’ve never tried to go to a safari, then this is the place to do it. When it comes to what you can hunt, the warthog is one of the possibilities (just don’t underestimate them), and if you’re in the mood for more of a challenge, then hunting red hartebeest and blue wildebeest might be more up to your standards. Just remember to be safe and aware that these animals are amazing at protecting themselves, so much so, you might not even see them coming if they feel threatened, so tread carefully and pay attention. – Robert Foster

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