May 17, 2024
effective deer hunting

Experienced bow hunters understand that deer hunting might be a challenging task. If you are hunting deer for the first time, it may be challenging as well. There are several tips that will make deer hunting very effective. You don’t want to do a wrong thing that will scare the deer away. This article presents 5 tips for effective deer hunting.

Deer are conscious animals that will run immediately if they smell or see a hunter. Your sound will probably scare them away because they will interpret it as a danger. Deer also have a sharp sight that helps them to monitor all directions. So you should be prepared to camouflage properly. It might also be useful to know the kind of deer you will be hunting. Like how long are deer pregnant? The natural traits of the deer increase its abilities to sense a hunter. With these deer hunting tips, you will increase your success in deer hunting.

Select a Good Hunting Area

The first tip is getting a good hunting location. Walk around and locate favorable hunting areas where you are likely to see deer. If you are an experienced bow hunter, this process will be simple for you. Suitable locations are river corridors, thick creeks and along patches of woods. You might even spot deer when searching for a hunting area.

effective deer hunting

If you see a deer when searching for the location, you should mark that area. At times, you might have to ask for permission to hunt in a particular location. It is good to seek for permission to avoid prosecution. Once you get a good hunting area, you will be ready for deer hunting.

Getting A Good Hunting Position

Find a position where the deer won’t see you. Remember that deer have a sharp sight and you don’t want to waste your chance. Getting a position where the deer won’t focus is an appropriate choice. You can consider a tree stand because it offers a good alternative. Hiding in a bush will also be an ideal choice when hunting deer.

effective deer hunting

Make sure you can get a perfect shot from your hunting position. Accuracy is very important when deer hunting. If the broadhead fails to penetrate well, the deer might run out of your sight. So ensure you can hit the deer accurately from your position.

Don’t Be Loud Even When Calling

Deer are very sensitive to sound. The deer will run away if it discovers any unfamiliar sound. Animals know the kind of sounds they expect in the forest, bush or fields. If they hear an unfamiliar noise, they will interpret it as an enemy and takeoff. Walk careful and avoid stepping on sticks, twigs and other objects that might produce funny sounds.

Lure The Deer

Luring the prey is an effective strategy of hitting a deer. Deer calling is one of the most effective ways of luring the prey. You should know the right kind of call and time to call the deer. For example, if you are hunting in peak-rut season, a doe-in-hit call will be great.

When hunting in early season, a buck grunt call will be effective. Don’t start calling the deer when it’s not visible. Wait patiently for deer to come along and then start calling. You can also lure the deer with food. Deer feed on nuts, leaves, twigs, and nuts. They also like eating fallen fruits. The fruits can be hard to find for deer. As a hunter, you can place some fruits on the ground to lure the deer. Any fruits will be a good option. But deer like nuts, so nuts can be a great option.

effective deer hunting

Be Patient

Deer hunting requires a lot of patience. If you are hiding in a bush or tree stand, be calm and wait for your prey to show up. When deer come your way, you might be tempted to shot immediately. You should be patient and attempt to get a good shot. Don’t target the deer if it’s out of your shooting range.


These deer hunting tips will increase your chances of hitting a deer. Remember to play with the wind and scent. The most important thing to remember is that deer follow a particular pattern of feeding and walking around. If you master the pattern, you will be an expert in deer hunting. Make sure you have the right tools including the bow, stabilizer for bow and broadheads.

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