July 24, 2024
tungsten instead of lead
tungsten instead of lead

For years there have been two options when it comes to fishing weights: Tungsten or lead. While lead is the cheaper option, tungsten provides many benefits that will help you catch more fish.

Aaron Anders, the CEO, and co-founder of WOO! Tungsten gives us seven reasons why tungsten is worth its weight in gold.

1. Size matters

Tungsten weights are about half the size of a comparable lead weight. That difference in size helps to give your weight a more realistic presentation in the water. It also allows you to be more precise when flipping and pitching. The larger the weight, the less accurate you’ll be.

2. Sensitivity

Tungsten weights are not only smaller than lead, but the composition of the metal is also much denser which gives it increased sensitivity. When you drag a tungsten weight along the bottom, you feel absolutely everything including bites you would never feel with lead. That’s why at WOO! Tungsten we say Fishing is a Contact Sport.

3. Durability

tungsten instead of lead

Tired of weights that chip after half a day? So were we. That’s why we created WOO! Tungsten’s Never Chip line of weights. They have a black finish that will stay black forever and will literally never chip. To put them to the test, we’ve even had anglers run over them with their truck or put them in a blender and they are STILL black.

4. The Environment

For years the only option to get your bait down to the bottom was lead. Not only is lead big and bulky, but it’s also toxic for the environment. If you break it off, those dangerous toxins get into the water or worse, into the stomach of an unsuspecting bird that eats it. That problem is eliminated with tungsten.

5. No more guessing

We know that a 1/4 oz flipping weight looks an awful lot like a 3/16 oz flipping weight. Instead of wasting your time guessing which one is which, we’ve stamped the size into the size of every weight we make. No more guessing means more time spent fishing.

6. Say goodbye to fraying

WOO! Tungsten weights have a diamond polished finish around the hole at the top and the bottom of every weight. There is no more fear that your line will be frayed by sliding a tungsten weight onto it.

7. Camouflage

If you think a fish doesn’t see that shiny hunk of metal dragging behind your traditional drop shot rig, think again. WOO! Tungsten Invisashot weights are painted in a green pumpkin finish to blend in with the bottom and put all the focus where it needs to be: On your bait.