May 20, 2024
Fishing Spots
Fishing Spots

If you’re tired of the big ones getting away, it is time to take action! These are the fishing spots that every avid angler should have on their list.

Did you know that the United States spends over $40 billion annually on bait? And while you may contribute to that multi-billion dollar industry, you can always take it up a notch.

Let’s face it. Everyone loves fishing. But certain fishing spots should be on your bucket list if you’re an avid angler.  

If you’re tired of the big ones getting away, it’s time to take action! Here are the best fishing spots that every angler should have on their list. 

1. Mississippi Delta

First on our list of best fishing spots is Mississippi Delta, Louisiana. Unlike any fishing spots you would imagine, the Mississippi Delta is known for its shallow waters. Filled with fish and gators, it’ll be hard not to catch one of your biggest fish in Louisiana. 

2. Cairns, Australia

Next on the list of best fishing spots has got to be Cairns, Australia. Not only is the weather the best on the planet, but the north coast gives you access to the Great Barrier Reef. 

Avid anglers usually book their trips between the months of September and December. This way they have a better chance of catching a thousand pounder on their trip.

3. Florida

We couldn’t limit fishing spots in Florida down to just one city! 

Whether you’re booking a trip to the Florida Keys or want to stay near Pensacola, this is the state with the best fishing spots. Because of the beautiful weather and open oceans, you’ll find out why fishing in Florida is like no other.

If you’re planning a trip on a Fishing Charter you’re able to contact companies like Blue Water Charters to hook you up! 

4. San Diego, California

We couldn’t complete the list of best fishing spots without listing San Diego, California. Known for its perfect weather, there are endless deep-sea fishing opportunities in San Diego.

From yellowtail to mahi-mahi, there is a variety of seasonal catches in the Pacific Ocean that will blow you away. And the best part? No matter what time of year you visit, you won’t leave disappointed. 

5. Bermuda

If you’re looking for the best fishing spots where you can catch Blue Marlin, you have to visit Bermuda. Not only is the country known for winning the World Cup Blue Marlin Championship, but it holds records for the largest fish ever caught! 

6. Montauk, New York

Let’s face it. When we think of fishing spots, New York doesn’t come to mind. Because of the weather, New York’s fishing season is extremely short. But if you’re looking to participate in some competitive bass fishing tournaments, visit Montauk between September and October.

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