April 23, 2024
bow shooting tips

bow shooting tipsWhether you are wanting to go deer or turkey hunting, wanting to learn to bowfish, or just want to learn archery skills, using the right technique is the most important thing you can do. While no archer ever achieves absolute perfection, there are many different things you can do in order to get greater accuracy from you equipment and hopefully come home with that trophy of a lifetime with proper archery practice.

When it comes to shooting a bow (whether a recurve or compound), there are a few simple steps to executing a good shot, but messing up one of these simple things can have you missing by inches or even feet. The majority of missed shots come from 5 major elements of the shot sequence, and by taking them seriously, you can not only get a huge boost in accuracy but confidence as well.


A solid and consistent anchor is the keystone of a well-placed shot. An anchor is the second half of your aiming system and without it, shots become unsteady and inconsistent. The anchor point you choose is personal preference and individual comfort, but once you choose one do not change it. The best anchor points are usually centered around a solid feature, such as a jawbone, cheek, or even teeth. Points centered on lips, ears, or sideburns can and will move and are poor choices.

2.Level the Bow

Most modern compound bow sights have some kind of incorporated bubble level. For bowhunters, this is especially important as it can help assure that each shot is launched consistently. Even a little bit of cant to the left or right can throw off a shot, and a bubble provides a solid reference to avoid that. Consult the bubble before every shot, and make it a part of your shooting routine. Doing so will help tighten up your groups and help you avoid making a bad shot on an animal.


A proper grip is just as important as the bubble, as this is what keeps your bow level. One of the biggest issues with accuracy comes with the grip, as holding your bow too tight can cause torque. Torque is the enemy of repeatable accuracy, and by lightly resting the bow in your hand and loosely wrapping your fingers around it, you can try to avoid it. Try to balance the bow as best you can in your hand and avoid gripping it at all costs.

4.Surprise Release

Probably one of the hardest aspects of executing a good shot, a surprise release may not always be possible to do in a hunting scenario. Punching the trigger will always result in rushed and inaccurate shots, so practicing a surprise release by floating the pin over your target will help tighten up groups significantly.

5.Follow Through

A proper follow through after the shot is the most overlooked part of the entire shot sequence, but by being more patient and resisting the urge to drop the bow, you can finish strong and keep your timing right. A good follow through requires intense concentration, but by keeping your bow on target until after the arrow finds its mark will help your arrow go where you want it to.

Follow these Archery Practice tips and you’ll be hitting your targets in no time! If you’d like more tips and tricks to build your bow hunting prowess, check out getrecurvebow.com