July 23, 2024

During hunting season, I’m sure it is important for you to come home in triumph with some big game on your shoulder. That’s all well and good, but it should never come at the expense of your health or even your life. That’s why it is paramount to have some safety tips to carry in your mental survival bag that could potentially save you a whole lot of stress and trouble out in the wilderness.

Have a Hunting Buddy

As much as some people want to be the “lone wolf” and go at it solo, rolling with a two-man pack is definitely a safer option. What would you do if you broke your leg out there and you had no one to help you? Maybe you catch a stray bullet from a reckless hunter who is out there in the field nearby and you are badly injured.

With someone there with you, you could avoid having to crawl your way out of the wilderness, or having the tables turned and you becoming easy prey! If you decide not to take an extra set of eyes out with you, the best thing you could do is at least tell someone where you are going.

Bushcraft Knives are a Must

If you find yourself stuck out in the wilderness, bushcraft knives could save your life in many ways.

They could be used to cut down small branches or split them into smaller pieces in case you need to build a shelter or gather some wood. Making feather sticks that are used to catalyze a fire in difficult conditions is another use. Bushcraft knives and some tinder or a steel rod can make sparks fly to make the fire and keep you warm for the night.

Wood carving is probably one of the main uses of bushcraft knives. You can carve all sorts of useful items like spoons and bowls among other things.

Know Your Weapon

Gun accidents could happen so quickly. There a few practices that are best when it comes to you staying safe with your gun, and keeping others safe as well.

When you are ready to shoot is the only time you should touch the trigger. You could easily misfire by taking a wrong step and tripping on something. And with that being said, you should always treat a firearm as if it is loaded. Always respect that a gun has the power to kill and never take it lightly. Also, weapons like best Excalibur matrix mega 405 crossbow for hunters, are just as dangerous.

When you have a target, make sure what you think you are shooting at is really what you think. It is important to know completely that the movement you see in the distance isn’t actually a human. Lastly, always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction. It is usually best to just keep it in a lowered position away from others when it’s not in use.

Stay Visible with Orange Wear

Wearing hunter orange when out in the field is the absolute best way to distinguish yourself to other hunters in the wilderness. One would think sticking out like a sore thumb would scare off the game, but they cannot tell the difference between colors. By state law, you must wear a hat and top wear above the waist of at least 500 inches of fluorescent orange.

Some people bypass this requirement because it looks cooler to be decked out head to toe in ghillie garments because they think it is an added advantage. Ask yourself what is more important though. Looking cool or not being accidentally shot?

Check Your Equipment

This should go without saying, but before you head out, make sure you have everything you need and all of your equipment is working without a hitch. Make sure your knives are sharp and your gun doesn’t have any obstructions in the barrel that could cause an accident.

Take inventory of food and emergency items that you may need in a time of crisis. This would also include hearing protection. There’s no such thing as being too prepared. It seems like something trivial, but thorough checks could be the difference between life and death.