May 21, 2024

Surf fishing is one of the most enjoyable and efficient fishing techniques out there in the fishing realm. Fishing in itself is an enjoyable activity, so you can imagine how much more amusing it can be when you are fishing from the shoreline.

There’s nothing quite like the charm of the open sea. The number of activities that come with it as well prove that there really is an endless array of joyful past times that can be had by the sea. Two of the most relaxing activities are hanging out under a beach canopy gazing at the rushing waves and fishing, amongst many other things. And if you’re passionate or even just interested in fishing in general, then it’s definitely advisable to look into surf fishing rigs.

However, as enjoyable as it is, it is a wee bit more complex than your normal-straightforward fishing basics. There are plenty of surf fishing rigs that every fisherman should be familiar with; such as flapper rig, loop rig, clipped rigs, and finally pulley rig. Though they all help you catch fish faster, they still have different approaches and different types of bates.

1. The Flapper Rig

One of the most favorable of all rigs, the flapper rig; it is known amongst fishermen that is one of the most effective, efficient, and easiest of rigs. There are many techniques and approaches to using it, but one of the most effective techniques is to attach several hook lines onto the main line using small swivels. All you need to do now is place it between the beads and locking crimps. This way you will ensure that the line will not get tangled when it’s flying across the wind, or when the bait is rapidly moving around causing the line to twist and turn. With flapper rig, it’s better to thread the worm on the baiting needle instead of cutting the worm up.

2. The Fireball Rig

Another fairly easy, yet effective type of rig is known as the fireball rig. The perk about this rig is that you can buy it already knotted, rather than tying it up yourself. Fireball rig has two swivels; one swivel on one end and the snap swivel is on the other end. You can attach a sinker to the snap swivel and tie the main line to the other fixed swivel in order to smoothly clutch the bottom. Shrimp and sand fleas are considered to be the most popular of baits to use on a fireball rig. Because of the luminous colored floats, fish that hunt by sight is attracted to the fireball rig, like striped bass and bluefish.

3. The Pulley Rig

Not every fishing rig works best with every type of ground, which is why the pulley rig is best used as a fishing rig for harsh grounds. The pulley rig is primarily built to put the weight of the hooked fish to pull the lead weight into a position where it is upfront the fish, which absolutely removes the disadvantage of getting the lead weight caught.

You can attach a dead shrimp to the needle, but make sure to take off the head and the tail first.

4. The Fish Finder Rig

The fish finder is one of the most interesting and efficient rigs. All you need to do is attach the live bait to the free line until a fish eats the bait and is hooked. This is relatively easy to do since the sinker easily rests on the bottom, which allows the line to effortlessly catch fish by the live bait. You can use live bait such as shrimp.

Many consider fishing as a calming and enjoyable activity, especially when there are always new inventions and tools to catch fish. Though fishing is a relaxing activity, it still needs you to be aware of factors such as the currents and the type of ground you’re going to be fishing on. Fortunately, there are many rigs that work with different types of ground, fish, and weather. All you need to do is read up about the 4 essential types of rigs and purchase the most practical one based on the fishing and location and the fish you’re aiming to catch.