June 15, 2024
rifle hunting

People hunt for sports or as a hobby to spend time with family and friends. When you’re out in the woods, hunting for animals with your gun is a good way to spend time. You bring the hunting weapon to target the animals you wish to take home with you. With that, keeping your guns and crossbows in excellent condition is highly important.

With your hunting weapons, don’t just use them when you need to, and place them back into your cabin after use. You need to practice proper maintenance so that they’ll last long and would perform at their best in the years to come. With that, here are the tips on how you can keep your hunting weapons in perfect condition:

1. Use A Gun Holster

When it comes to hunting, bringing a gun with you should be a basic necessity. While you can always put them in your bag, it’ll be a lot better and safer if you use a Glock 19 concealed carry holster or any type of gun holster that matches with your gun to keep your weapon handy and secure. With that, one of the most overlooked reasons you need a gun holster is to help maintain your gun’s condition.

A gun holster can provide convenience as it hides your gun but keeps them handy, enabling you to take them out in seconds. But along with this, a gun holster can also allow the gun to be well-maintained as it doesn’t get scratched by other sharp objects inside the bag. For some people, they’d like to store their weapons in the back pockets. While it can be cheaper, it can provide many discomforts, along with improper security and causing your guns to develop scratches from the fabric.

2. Clean Your Weapons Regularly

While you may think that your guns would be in perfect condition as you store them properly in a safe space, you must not forget that you need to clean them as well. With your hunting weapons, you should regularly clean them to keep them in perfect condition for as long as possible. Each time that you use your gun, it decreases its cleanliness one bit at a time.

When it comes to cleaning your weapon, you should know the proper cleaning instructions for each type.

For cleaning your gun, you should clean it after every hunting episode. While you may haven’t used the weapon numerous times, you could expose your weapon to environmental factors that could affect your guns’ quality. Moreover, when your gun gets wet or damp, you should clean it immediately after your hunt or during downtimes.

You should regularly wax the strings and cable for your archery and crossbows to keep them durable for years. You might also want to lube the rails after every 100 shots or when you feel that there’s a need for it. However, you shouldn’t over-do it as the string’s center serving could wear out.

3. Store Your Weapons Properly

Apart from frequent cleaning, you should also learn how to store your weapons properly to keep them in excellent condition, especially after the hunting season. With proper maintenance, you can guarantee that your guns are still safe to use and would perform at their best, even if stored for months in your cabin.

With your guns, it’ll be ideal if you have a dedicated gun cabinet or safe to keep them well-stored and secure as well. Along with this, it’ll also help improve your cabin’s interiors, which you’ll enjoy looking at during your downtimes. However, if you can’t provide any dedicated shelf space, just ensure that you don’t place your guns in a case as it could trap moisture which could ruin your weapon’s quality.

For your crossbows, you can also place them on a dedicated crossbow shelf if you have enough cabin space. When traveling, you should put them in a hard-shelled case to prevent dust and dirt accumulation. It’ll also be great if you try to avoid beating it as it could damage the bow inside.


When it comes to hunting, you shouldn’t just bring good skills with you, but also a great set of hunting weapons in pristine condition even after years of ownership.

You must clean your hunting weapons at all times, preferably after every hunting trip, to ensure that they’ll stay in excellent quality. You should also try to put a dedicated weapon shelf to ensure that they’re adequately stored and avoid moisture.